This new Tesla Model Y owner took delivery of his car via Tesla's touchless delivery service. It has paint chips, paint bubbles, scuffs, and the rear hatch doesn't latch properly. The car is already in for service. He explains the situation in detail.

Tesla is offering a new touchless delivery option that's fast and easy. It gives people peace of mind during this global pandemic. However, there are many issues related to such a delivery method. If there are problems with the car, you can't speak with someone and have the problems addressed prior to delivery. Moreover, returning the vehicle may be problematic and/or time-consuming.

Despite finding obvious issues with their Model Y during a touchless delivery, people may just take it home, especially if they traded a car in. While most of us aren't supposed to be leaving our homes, being without a car could pose a problem for many people. So, returning the Model Y is not likely an option in some cases. In addition, without workers present in many locations, the return process could become complicated.

Fortunately, Tesla is aware of these concerns and is working to repair issues with people's new Model Y crossovers. However, if these owners hadn't used the touchless delivery option, they may have had problems resolved prior to taking delivery. In addition, there shouldn't have been problems with the car in the first place.

To help with the issue, Tesla is offering owners an Uber credit worth $100/per day. This is a nice gesture and could prove useful in an emergency situation, but, where possible, people should avoid ride-sharing services and public transportation during this global pandemic. 

What's the solution? As we've advised before, don't be in a hurry to take delivery of your Model Y or any car for that matter. It's not a race. If you can postpone your delivery, it might be the smartest option at this time.

Video Description via Andy Cheng on YouTube:

Taking Tesla Model Y for repair & $100 Uber credit per day?

Received Tesla Model Y via contactless delivery. It's was a fairly painless process...but they are issues that could've been caught if we take the delivery with a person. Now I'm taking the car for a service.

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