Deep discounts on the Chevrolet Bolt EV have been common in the past. However, the best incentives were limited to select markets, such as the San Francisco Bay Area. GM has never offered discounts quite like this in such a wide variety of regions.

Despite the Bolt EV's meager sales success, it really is a solid electric car. It offers plenty of range, sporty driving dynamics, lots of space, and appealing tech features. With that said, if you can get one at a cheap price, it's definitely worth considering. 

Automotive manufacturers advertise a new set of incentives for dealerships each month. The promotions change and the deals may look different, but they're often very similar. However, in some cases, you'll find deep discounts and very low lease prices. In the midst of these tough economic times due to the coronavirus, GM is offering outstanding deals 2020 Chevy Bolt in many markets.

You can take advantage of the usual $8,500 customer cash. In addition, GM is offering zero-percent financing for 72 months, plus $4,750 cash allowance. To top it off, you don't have to make any payments for the first 120 days.

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