It's that time of year again. The time many of us dread since it means cold temperatures and slick road conditions. Fortunately, for people in many areas, winter doesn't last very long or exist in the sense that we know it in the Midwest and more northerly states. Head even further north to Canada, and people in some locations deal with winter conditions for one-third of the year or more.

We've shared many articles and videos that focus on the Tesla Model 3 and its overall performance in winter conditions. There's a whole lot to consider when buying a car to brave the ice and snow. This is especially true if you plan to buy a Tesla or any EV really. Aside from the more commonly discussed issues related to range and charging, it's important to know that your car will be able to handle the road conditions.

In this recent video, YouTube influencer Redskull puts his Model 3 through the paces in the cold and snowy Canadian winter. The car is a Model 3 Performance, so it's dual-motor all-wheel drive. We've seen more articles and videos showcasing the rear-wheel-drive Model 3, as well as the less expensive Standard Range and Long Range variants. In addition, many of the tests we've seen have been on stock all-season tires. This Model 3 Performance is wearing winter rubber.

Check out the video to learn more. Then, leave us your wisdom in the comment section below.

Video Description via Redskull on YouTube:

Can the Tesla Model 3 Survive the Winter in Canada? Snow and Ice Tested!

Having a car that drives great in snow is super important! In this video I put the Tesla Model 3 to the ultimate test on snow and ice through the Canadian winter!

The Model 3 comes with all season tires on the 18" and 19" wheels and performance summer tires on the 20" wheels. I highly recommend that you get some winter tires installed for better handling on snow and ice.

I use the Kumho Wintercraft WP72 Winter Tires:

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