Tesla is at the forefront of electric vehicles, and the brand's most expensive, capable model – the Model X Performance SUV – could be yours thanks to Dream Giveaway. This prize package not only includes the Model X, but an additional $32,000 to pay for taxes. Enter here and you'll automatically double your entry tickets with a minimum $25 donation, just for reading Motor1.com.

Double your tickets if you donate $25 or more!

This isn't just any old Tesla Model X, either. It's 100% loaded, with no option left unchecked. The specific model up for grabs is the ultra fast Model X Performance, which produces the most power and, thanks to Ludicrous Plus Mode, drops the SUV's 0-60 time from 4.4 seconds to just 2.7 seconds – an astonishing feat for a vehicle that seats up to seven people. Not only that, the Model X Performance still offers over 300 miles of all-electric driving range.

Aesthetically, this Model X is as crisp as they come with its Solid Black paint (a $1,500 option) and 22-inch Onyx Black Wheels (another $5,500). The interior, meanwhile, is skinned in white leather and carbon fiber (cha-ching: $2,000). The last option from the factory is Full Self-Driving Capability, which costs $7,000 and future-proofs your Model X by giving it access to Tesla's full battery of technology enhancements as they become available.

Gallery: Tesla Model X Performance Prize From Dream Giveaway

Our friends at Dream Giveaway haven't left this Model X stock, either. What could make it better? How about an Unplugged Performance Performance Sports Air Suspension Lowering Kit? They've also upgraded the interior and exterior LED lights (a common complaint of Teslas). We think you'll agree it's the meanest-looking Model X you've ever seen.

Dream Giveaway won't stick you with the tax bill on your prize, either. The winner will also receive $32,000 in cash to help pay Uncle Sam for the privilege of taking home this electric rocket.

Winning this Tesla Model X Performance is as easy as donating to a worthy cause. Click here, make a donation, and you're automatically entered to win. As an exclusive for Motor1.com readers, Dream Giveaway will automatically double your tickets if you donate $25 or more. That means a $50 donation will get you 80 tickets instead of just 40.

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