Brian Preston has been talking about investments for the last 13 years. That was enough for him to earn a reputation as “The Money Guy.” But what does he know about cars? This is what this video on the Tesla Cybertruck allows us to learn. Probably more than what he has to say about the electric pickup truck.

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Preston and his co-host Bo Hanson are inside a Model 3 discussing how they thought the Cybertruck was ugly. That becomes quickly the first and probably biggest con the Tesla pickup has.

The second thing they point out is that the Cybertruck is too big, which may be a big problem fitting parking spots. Anyway, they remember Elon Musk has already said the production model would probably be a bit smaller.

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Preston and Hanson also stress that the pickup truck will take a long time to be delivered and that it lacks paint options. This last part is not accurate: Musk already promised the Cybertruck would have other options such as matte black. Preston has taken that as a joke, but was it? Tesla could offer a factory wrap, for example. Or sell this wrapping as an extra at Tesla Service Centers.

Tesla Cybertruck windows shattered

Finally, they mention something about the windows, but it is not clear what is negative about them. Would it be the fact that steel balls have shattered them? We do not get that answer from the video.

When both start to talk about the positive points of the pickup truck, pricing immediately stands out. Preston and Hanson consider the Cybertruck very affordable, probably because Musk estimated it would start at $10,000 more than it actually will. This is the only financial assessment they do, which is weird.

Tesla Cybertruck Outdoor Image

Financially speaking, buying a car as soon as it is released is bad business. Unless you plan to keep it for years to come, it will devaluate rapidly. The first units are also the ones that present all the problems a model will probably have, which turns early adopters into guinea pigs. Check the leaking Model 3 or the MCUv1 issues, speaking solely about Teslas. The most significant proof is the fact that the Model 3 reliability increased a lot over the years, according to Consumer Reports

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Another example of early production issues is that Volkswagen is having software problems even before it releases the first ID.3 units. The first ones will probably have to be perfected, and later ones will be much better.

Preston does not mention that because he is probably not aware of these issues. If he was, it is unlikely he would put a deposit for the Cybertruck even if he loved the design, which he didn’t. Yet, he is already in line waiting for his Tesla pickup truck.

Tesla Cybertruck

The video presenters then name range and other technical specifications – such as ground clearance – as pros. They also mention other interesting aspects about which no one had given a thought before. For example, Sentry Mode can be a real plus for people that will have Cybertruck as their work vehicles. That shows they know quite a bit about cars, even we would have preferred the analysis to be more related to the business aspects of the new pickup truck.

Watch the video, check the pros and cons they mention, and tell us in the comments if you missed anything.

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