German media reports of worrying “massive software problems” that Volkswagen is having with the Volkswagen ID.3, which has been produced on a limited scale in the ramp-up phase since November 4.

The nature of the issue is not described, but in general, it seems that the software is not complete, which means that all of the early ID.3 which were, are and will be produced (for at least a few more months) will need a software update.

Unofficial sources say that the first batch of cars is stored at specially-rented parking lots. It's expected that the German manufacturer will have to upgrade the software for some 10,000 ID.3 in Spring 2020.

Another batch of 20,000 ID.3 (total of 30,000) could also be affected and probably will require a software upgrade but through an over-the-air update.

Combining the rumors, we would guess that the over-the-air update is part of the not yet ready software/firmware features.

Customer deliveries of the first ID.3 cars are expected in mid-2020.

The unofficially reported problem with the software sounds interesting, especially if we recall VW CEO Herbert Diess' words about the software as an important competitive advantage.

“In the long run, I think we might have a bit of an advantage because of scale. On the hardware side, there is probably not so big a difference because they [Tesla] are are also have a dedicated electric platform and they’re quite big already for an EV manufacturer.”

“But when it comes to the next big thing, which is software, Tesla is strong in software – but software really is a volume game. If you do software, you have to use ten million devices, not one million.”

Source: Manager Magazin, via Teslarati

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