Kyle Conner and his camera guy Tijmen are traveling again, and this time, they're in Germany. Fortunately for InsideEVs, Volkswagen loaned Conner an ID.3 Pro. Keep in mind, this is Conner's first time seeing the ID.3 in person, let alone driving it. Since he's in Germany, it gives him a chance to take the hot hatch on the Autobahn and to check out the interesting Euro charging system.

We've been excited about the ID.3 ever since VW first revealed it. As you can imagine, we crossed our fingers that we might get the little electric hatchback on our shores, but sadly, that's not happening. This is precisely why Conner refers to the ID.3 as "Forbidden Fruit."

Once the ID.4 electric crossover came to market, Kyle was even more excited to check out the ID.3. In fact, time and time again he reiterates his love for the ID.4. He even convinced his girlfriend's mom, among other friends and acquaintances, to check out the Volkwagen electric SUV and consider buying one. Alyssa's mom is now the proud and happy owner of a brand-new ID.4.

For those unfamiliar, the ID.3 all-electric hot hatch is somewhat similar to the VW Golf/GTI, though better in many ways. VW isn't planning to bring it to the US, at least for now. Most US automakers are phasing out smaller cars and sedans in favor of crossovers and SUVs. While EV aficionados like us at IEV may jump at the chance to buy an ID.3, VW may not have much sales success with the car in the States.

With all of that said, it's high time to check out the ID.3 and learn exactly what Kyle thinks of the VW hot hatch. We will tell you that he's impressed overall. He repeatedly calls the ID.3 "very cool," and notes that it's impressively roomy and well-built for a small, entry-level EV.

Kyle's driving the Pro with its 62 kWh battery pack and the 150kW power upgrade. Would he choose it over the ID.4? How about rivals like the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt?

As always, check out the video for all the details. Then, head down to our comment section to let us know what you think of the Volkswagen ID.3.

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