Volkswagen launched the ID.3 and ID.4 in Europe pretty much at the same time, but for the American market, the automaker now apparently known as Voltswagen in the States, opted to only offer the ID.4. Do you think this is a good decision, because most people would have gone for the crossover anyway, or would you like to have been given the choice to get the ID.3 too?

Well, if you’re still torn on this matter, then maybe this video by Norwegian EV vlogger Kris Rifa might help you make up your mind. He reviews the VW ID.3 and compares it to what would have been its main rival in the US, the Tesla Model 3 and he actually reaches several rather interesting conclusions, most of which are in the Tesla’s favor (mainly in the interior and infotainment department).

However, there is one key area where Kris argues the Volkswagen is better than the Tesla. He says the ID.3 is hands down better and more enjoyable to drive than the Model 3. He praises the car for its well judged suspension setup; it may be tuned more for ride comfort, but it’s apparently really impressive through the corners too - Kris praises VW for opting to make the ID.3 rear-wheel drive, saying it really pays dividends in terms of handling.

Combining that with its impressive roominess, refinement and practicality, the decent range and performance (even if the highest-performance powertrain or the biggest battery have yet to be launched), it really starts to look good. You do need to get over the scratchy plastics and the temperamental infotainment in order to enjoy it, though.

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