Entering the world of Tesla ownership is a dream for a lot of people. But the ones that can afford it not always go for it right away. They ponder if they should wait for new upgrades and capabilities. Ben Sullins, from the Teslanomics YouTube, already bought a bunch of Tesla cars and feels he has something to share about the best moment to buy your first one.

Sullins probably felt compelled to talk about it because Elon Musk said Tesla cars will eventually become “appreciating assets.” That will just happen when the full autonomous capability is available, but Musk seems pretty confident that it will not take long.

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The Teslanomics presenter talks about the “upgradability” of Tesla cars in a larger sense. He starts by mentioning they are very technologically focused. That implies that you have to consider technology when buying them. Sullins calls that “feature anxiety.”

He remembers people that bought any Tesla before Autopilot saw their cars devaluate a lot. So people should be aware of any significant new feature these EVs may be about to offer. Sullins does not name them, but we would mention FSD – Full Self Driving.

Tesla Price Lead

Another concern are the constant price reductions Tesla offers, which should be a good thing unless you buy one when prices are higher. With Gigafactory 3 and the future plants Tesla aims to open, costs tend to get even lower.

Sullins does not mention that, but we would recommend you also pay attention to the issues the cars are presenting. The Model S and Model X recently had an update that reduced their ranges. It may be linked to a Shanghai fire with a Model S after which the upgrades were released. Tesla is being sued because of them.

Finnish Goods Inspection Finds Tesla Model 3’s Paint Is Soft And Thin

Something else you should be aware of are the paint and rust issues the Model 3 is presenting. Tesla has told affected owners that it was their fault even in cars with less than 1,000 miles on the clock.

Regarding the Model S and X, Sullins warns about V3 capability, which will probably make the ones that do not have it lose value. Buying a used one may be more advisable at this point.

The Tesla Model 3 demands extra care at its first inspection, not only when it is a pre-owned car. When it is new, you can return it and ask for a refund if it presents paint issues, especially in the rocker panels

New Evidence Shows The Model 3 Really Has A Fender Rust Issue

Pay careful attention as well to the left front fender. If the panel is not aligned to the A-pillar, avoid it. The fender may rub the frame, peel the paint, and start a rusting process.

If all that is ok, go for it. Public and critic praise the Tesla Model 3 for its safety, performance, and technology. Just do not rely on Tesla’s customer service for a happy experience. Many have and are now with the perspective of a legal battle ahead.

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