Which one would you choose?

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range starts at $35,000. You can upgrade to the Standard Range Plus, which carries a starting price of $37,000. While the base vehicle won't go up in price, the Plus will be one of many Tesla vehicles that get a ~3% bump after today. The automaker first launched the Long Range rear-wheel-drive vehicle for $44,000 ($49,000 with the mandatory Premium Upgrades Package) in 2017. It currently starts at $43,000, though that price will likely go up this week as well.

According to Tesla's website, the Standard Range Plus (RWD) features a "Partial Premium Interior." The Long Range RWD variant features the automaker's Premium interior. In terms of range, the Standard gets 220 miles compared to the 325-mile-range of the Long Range.

So, aside from range and price, what's different? How does Tesla differentiate between Partial Premium and Premium models? Is it worth the extra $6,000? Some people would argue that the ~100-mile range bump is worth the additional money, but knowing more about the two sedans' interior details is also an important part of the buying process.

Check out the short video to see the changes. Then, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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