FAW’s Hongqi Launches First Electric SUV Called E-HS3

DEC 29 2018 BY GASGOO 20

More electric SUVs coming in China.

Hongqi, the premium car brand owned by FAW Group, officially put its first all-electric SUV dubbed E-HS3 into mass production on December 27. The model has been unveiled at the Auto China 2018 in April and is about to hit the market next year.

The Hongqi E-HS3 boasts a stylish exterior which is characterized by a brand-new waterfall grille surrounded by a high-shine chrome frame than can glisten as the vehicle moves. The slim headlights with sculptural design are connected by the grille in the middle.

The sporty essence of the E-HS3’s side profile is highlighted by straight high-positioned waistlines and the hidden B pillar. The charging port is located in the right front wheel fender.

The new model adopts the trendy design that makes the taillight cluster run through the entire rear end. The rear bumper at the bottom is covered by a black plastic material, which conveys a sense of toughness.

The vehicle, positioned as a compact SUV, measures 4,490mm long, 1,874mm wide and 1,613mm tall with a wheelbase length of 2,750mm.

The black and cream-colored interior may make drivers feel like home. The three-spoke steering wheel and the floating liquid crystal display at the center console are quite popular for the current interior design trend.

Powering the E-HS3 SUV is an electric motor producing 114kW of power and a ternary-lithium battery pack independently developed by FAW Group.

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Almost every month 1 new EV is being launched in China and this will greatly accelerate their EV usage.
And many crossovers in these dimensions are launched and this segment will become a standard.
Nice news.

Fueled by…:

Best case — imported LNG
Most likely case — business as usual — more coal

/not that there’s anything wrong with that

And of course you know, that China is shutting down 100’s of small very inefficient coal plants replacing them with 1 or 2 highly efficient coal plants. They’re building out nuclear with 30 new reactors planned, and they have the fastest growing solar sector, that only needs better grid connections.

But, funny you don’t mention that.

“China’s energy consumption experienced continuous rebound during the first three quarters in 2018, National Energy Administration announced on Tuesday, releasing major statistics on coal, oil, natural gas and electricity consumption.
Coal consumption grew fast in the first three quarters, mostly driven by the growth of coal consumption for power generation.”
….”Electricity consumption also rose rapidly. In the first three quarters, electricity consumed in China increased 8.9 percent year-on-year, and the growth rate increased 2 percentage points over that in last year, a record high in six years.
Source: China Daily”

Now check the last 3 months as the Trump Recession hit China.

China has puuuhhlenty of places to do business outside the U.S.

They’ll build their coal fired power plants for them, then sell their products (including EVs) all along their new world order silk road.

“China’s energy sector financing under its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)—which seeks to boost $6 trillion in infrastructure across 68 nations—shows that very little went towards renewables.”

China will bank-roll all of this, and when the “silk road countries” go into default, China will just be ‘forced’ to swoop in and seize the assets.

/not that there’s anything wrong with that

They already are doing that. Venezuela, Ecuador, and several Asian nations are becoming beggars to China. Ecuador is now GIVING 80% of their oil to China. To make matters worse, they just went back to china to beg for more billions.

Don’ forget about Africa. China is all over Africa.

Are you attempting to DENY that China is in the Trump Recession right now?

Are you looking for an argument? Or are you trying to learn something?

Again, where exactly do you think that China will be getting electricity for EVs?
From more solar/wind? Nope. Those are already at 100%. Hydro? Nope. again at 100%.
less than 30 GW of nukes? LOL.
Nat gas and Coal will form this. And BY DESIGN.
EVs is about killing their need to import oil. In a global war, or just one to capture Taiwan, they do not want to be dependent on imports.

China is no longer going to build out any more nuke plants than the few they are building now. They have a LOT of QA issues, and their costs are much worse than the wests.

In addition, china is adding 250+ GW of NEW COAL PLANTS BY END OF 2020. Not replacing them. These are ADDITIONS. That is in addition to the 250+ GW of new coal plants that they are building in other nations such as South Africa, Venezuela, etc.

And their solar sector is actually growing slow. Yes, it is more than any other nation, but relative to coal and relative to per capita, China is a DISASTER in the making. They are adding very little solar in terms of per capita. America is beating them hands down and that is with our insane president.

Better grid connections for solar? Nope.

So, Economics don’t work in China?
Solar & Storage is now the Cheapest energy source in the world, including coal.
So, you’re saying China will continue to build a system. that requires expensive Inputs of mining operations and Outputs of heavy metals, pollution of their air and water, at a higher price than a Build it Once Solar & Battery system with No Output pollution over a 30 year life, and pay More for Energy, when they have the Cheapest Solar and Battery unit cost in the world?

Sure? F in Economics.

And yes, they are shutting down hundreds of small old coal plants, and they will not be Additions.

Where is range and price?

I’ll be really surprised if they can pull off the ternary battery. It sounds like so far there’s been issues with longevity of ternary batteries.

This is why FORD is at $7 a share.
First China will fully stock their country, driving down unit cost on all components, and then, like Japan Cameras, will take over the US market.

Also note, that when innovation hits a sector it looks like it’s extremely difficult to hire a CEO who can respond.
Exxon down 22% YTD, with no response to Solar & Battery being now cheaper than natural gas electric generation. The problem isn’t the unions, the engineers, or the marketers. It’s at the top.

CEO pay now more than 300 to 1 to average worker pay.
And they show they aren’t worth 10% of that pay.

Actually, you have a good posting with this one.
Sadly, you are spot on.

$7 per share has no bearing.
Market cap is $7 x outstanding shares.
It’s not like Tesla is 50 times bigger than Ford because Tesla is $350 per share, for example.

Respectfully, five years ago Ford’s stock price was $14 a share.
Why would they lose 50% of their perceived value in the market over a five year timeline, with strong sales in trucks today. The market is forward looking.
Market Disruption.

I like that car…it looks almost as good as a Tesla. You heard that right….no one beats Tesla. Tesla makes very elegant cars!