Experience The Jaguar I-Pace In Virtual Reality


It seems Jaguar will continue to pull out all the stops to inform people about its all-new, fully electric I-Pace.

While many people continue to point out that Jaguar may not have big plans to produce a huge number of copies its new I-Pace early on, it’s become increasingly evident that the automaker is not trying to hide the car. In fact, we can arguably say that we may have never seen such a push for an EV from any legacy automaker in the past. This is fantastic, since it not only pushes the brand’s electric car, but also gets news about electric vehicles out to the masses.

Jaguar began promoting the I-Pace heavily when it invited hundreds of automotive journalists on a paid trip to Portugal. Following that, we’ve seen a plethora of video, including a new, comprehensive “how-to” series, an app that let people experience the I-Pace, and now this new virtual reality offering at Jaguar Land Rover retailers. Not to mention that Jaguar is taking the I-Pace on its Canadian tour.

One of the biggest issues for new EV owners is the lack of information and education. This is especially true since OEMs have never been known to do stellar job training dealership salespeople to understand and “sell” EVs. Additionally, being that most traditional automakers are just beginning to produce EVs and many are not yet available, it’s not uncommon for customers to be expected to place their order sight unseen.

If you can’t see the car, drive the car, experience the car, or know for sure when it might arrive, there’s a chance it just won’t sell very well. Tesla vehicles have been the exception to all of this, but the Silicon Valley automaker is far from a traditional OEM and does things very differently.

Let’s hope that Jaguar’s unique approach sets the automaker up for a solid electric future.

Video Description via Jaguar on YouTube:

Exclusive to Jaguar Land Rover Retailers, you can now discover the New Jaguar I-PACE in a world-class Virtual Reality experience.


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Considering the “manufacturing hell” that Jaguar/Magna is in making this car, this will be the only way many people will able to ever see it.

I-Pace August production = 140 units, order backlog in NL alone = 3500 units, plus huge backlog in Norway.
But Jaguar is good at fancy road-shows it seems.

Because they don’t have enough matrix headlights JLR needs to push delivery of First Editions (what’s in a name) a few months back. Funny, I was led to believe that such supply chain problems only occur with amateur car manufacturers like Tesla, and hav long been erradicated by established manufacturers..