Die Hard Porsche Fan Reviews Tesla Model 3


This Porsche aficionado happens upon a Tesla Model 3. What does he have to share?

Car Fanatic on YouTube dedicates nearly his entire channel to Porsche-related coverage. He provides multiple vehicle reviews, information related to cost of ownership, repair tutorials, user car buying guides, and the list goes on and on. It’s abundantly clear that this channel is a place for those who love Porsche vehicles. However, he recently had an opportunity to spend some time with an all-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3 Long Range ($66,000). Of course, he put together a review.

It’s hard to know what to expect from video reviews like this. Is the reviewer truly honest? Having the word “honest” in the video title is arguably a red flag for some audience members. Does the Porsche lover already hate Tesla before even checking out the Model 3? If so, will the Tesla pleasantly surprise him or reconfirm his doubts? Perhaps he’ll fall in love with the car?

All we can hope is that no matter which course the review takes, it’s interesting and provides worthy insight. If this wasn’t the case, we surely wouldn’t share it here. We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised and maybe even add this review to your “best of” list.

No spoilers here. You’ll just have to give it a watch. Check out the review and let us know your “honest” thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Car Fanatic on YouTube:

Honest Tesla Model 3 AWD Long Range + Autopilot Review

How good is the Tesla Model 3? I’m a die hard Porsche fan, but will share my thoughts on the new 2018 Model 3 AWD Long Range with Autopilot.

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Porsche has a serious problem…

Porsche is a minimum three years behind Tesla in EV the space and loosing market share to Tesla literally daily… in full view of social media which is today’s primary automotive marketing/news source for consumers… especially true with the younger techno savvy demographic which represents Porsche’s future customer base.

lol Porsche is have a record year

record year selling ICE

@bill lee said: “lol Porsche is have a record year”

The uptick economy has been beneficial for top-line auto sales revenue for several car makers.

It’s true Porsche is enjoying record sales but it’s also true Porsche is continuing to loose existing customer base (and relative market share) to Tesla.

Did you miss his remark that it is “no Porsche in terms of driving dynamics”? I think Porsche will be fine with its upcoming EV offerings.

Interesting how the reaction from an autophile is surprise at how good EV’s are. Media does a good job of painting how bad EV’s are, even folks that (apparently) follow vehicles closely don’t understand until they actually drive one.

Agreed. We were happy to find that he felt the way he did and seemed honest to share.

mmmm, I have a M3, I typically get cars with premium sound systems. The M3 is good, but lacks base. As covered elsewhere, the main knock against it is that you hear road noise at speed, meaning that you have to pump up the volume to hear it, although I suspect most of the “road noise” reviews are because, since the engine makes basically zero noise, the road noise is more noticeable.

Even my cheap Ford fusion energi is great on battery only. I average over 3 months between gas fill ups.

Only when I drive long distances (200+ mile days which is rare) do I use gas. I usually only drive 20-25 miles per day which is all electric or I take longer trips once in a while which are 200 ish miles. In the freezing winter (lots of snow and single degree days) the gas engine kicks on immediately. It’s a great start to full electric. I just can’t justify over $50k for a car when it can’t do everything I need yet. There is obviously plenty of people (BMW 3,5,7 series buyers) as well as all Porsche buyers can justify spending that much on a car. If more people drove any electric they will see how much smoother, quieter, cheaper it is to operate. I love the 1 oil change abyear, no brake changes and $16000 for a nearly new partial electric vehicle. My only downfall is the trunk space.

Amen Mike- I love hearing folks like you, I drive a Volt and have the same experience. While I HATE driving it in ICE mode on long road trips, it serves its purpose for the time when the Volt was first released. Even 7 years after it was built, my Volt lifetime mpg is 172.

R.I.P. Chevy Volt (November 30, 2010 – March 1, 2019)

I have an old(er) Porsche Turbo and a Model 3 Performance. Before getting the Model 3, I drove the Porsche at least 3 times a week. Since I got the Model 3 two months ago, I drove the Porsche only once – because my daughter asked for it.

I did think about the Porsche and ICE in general on my way to work this morning, and realized that I would probably never buy another ICE vehicle in my future. I am not an “aficionado” of anything, but that sums up how I feel about Tesla versus ICE.

As for EVs, if there are decent offers out there I might consider them when the time comes for another car or SUV.

The Porsche Taycan awaits you!

I hear you. I used to be a muscle car fan. That lasted about 10 minutes after I drove my first EV. The electric motor is just so much better than anything you can do with internal combustion. I sold my last muscle car about 12 months after I bought my first EV.

Another @hole that didn’t read the manual, and tries to use AP on city streets.

EVs über alles!

“It’s no Porsche in terms of driving dynamics”

Wait for the Taycan.

I took apart the b-pillar and found a manufacturing defect!

No sh*t Sherlock, when do you disassemble the car completely and examine every part for issues.