In-Depth Look At Chevrolet Bolt At Capitol Chevrolet – Video


The folks over at Capitol Chevrolet in San Jose, California assembled this video featuring the dealership’s demo 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.

boltVideo description:

The Bolt is here to challenge other EV’s on the market with its almost 240 mile range on a single charge!

It has a large 10.2 inch display and available on board 4G LTE wifi.

This tech savvy ride of course has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities.

This is one of the first videos featuring a real-world Bolt that is now on sale at the dealership level, and not a show car.

Also pleasing is the fact that a dealer has quickly taken the time and effort to promote the 238 mile EV at all, which hopefully foreshadows the efforts of other local dealerships in Chevrolet’s chain.

The video explores both the outside and the interior in a rather informative manner, while at the same time providing us with some high quality shots (see sample below) of the Bolt both inside and out.

Bolt "Engine" Bay

Bolt “Engine” Bay

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Customer: In the cool video you made, it shows DCFC port, is that standard?
Dealer: No it’s an option, but we recommend you get it, as we feel it should be included.

Dealer in Canada: Yes! DCFC is included on every Bolt sold in Canada 🙂

I wonder what % of GM vehicle owners have actually purchased Wifi hotspot data. I bet the % is very low (like even single digits).

It is probably popular for soccer-mom type vehicles. Having Wi-Fi for the kids to access with their phones & hand-held video games is a great way to shut them up.

You must not have kids…….lol

How do you think I know that? They can always fight among themselves but smartphones and video games are great pacifiers. games, youtube, movies, etc.

Assuming all drivers using the car regularly have a smartphone with cellular data (pretty safe bet, among the middle-class+ EV-friendly households likely to buy a Bolt the next few years), why would anyone?

Don’t all plans support tethering these days (honest question, I’m not in the US), so any tablets etc. (ditto the car’s navigation system) would be covered?

It’s highly unlikely a carmaker’s own service would be anywhere near cost effective… It’s used a lot less than a personal’s phone data, but incurs the same admin/billing overhead, and since there’s only one provider possible (I assume) with no competition, it doesn’t exactly promote lower pricing…

If you live very near the Canada/US border (or probably also US/Mexico) your phone will accidentally roam across the border unless you disable data roaming, in which case the phone still roams but your data connection cuts out.

OnStar WiFi data roams for free, most cellphones it’s a huge premium to roam into another country.

This is the only time when OnStar Wifi makes more sense than cellular phone based WiFi in the car.

Uhmmmmmmmmmm. You can get more from looking at some pictures out there I’m sad to say.

While I’m in the crowd of people who doesn’t think DCFC needs to be standard I’d much rather they stop putting in 4G LTE Wifi and with the cost savings put in the DCFC. I mean seriously, every damn car I’m in these days has 4G LTE Wifi because of my smart phone! I don’t need OnStars ridiculously over priced plan!

Although that said I guess then we couldn’t check the charging status so maybe it does need to stay but stop using it as one of the “big” marketing items in your ads please!

“I’d much rather they stop putting in 4G LTE Wifi and with the cost savings put in the DCFC”


That we can both agree on!!!!!

The car’s 4G antenna will be much better than the one on your smart-phone.

What good is that 4G antenna if one does not continue the subscription after the free period of Onstar or whatever 4G LTE that’s required?

I’m not at all sure that applies at highway speeds. Handoffs are an issue irrespective of antenna size, given the small cell sizes.

The telematics of the car use the 4G LTE anyway. It won’t be taken out. You can’t unlock your car remotely or check its charge level if it doesn’t have connectivity.

And this car has WiFi because it joins WiFi networks so it can update itself.

Between those two things, those components will be in the car so there’s no savings in not offering features using them.

I agree the hotspot feature isn’t very much of a feature.

Not true.
What happens when the owner DOES NOT continue the Onstar free subscription? Does the car stop working? Many Volt owners refused to sign up after the free period.

For Wifi, does it automatically know all the passwords the every hotspot and programmatically click through the anti-bot WiFi authentications? If it can’t does the car stop working?

All this is forced upgrades that GM pushes to the consumer.
DJ is correct, the Wireless crap should be optional and the DCFC standard. GM just wants to force consumers to buy crap they don’t need.
I’m pretty sure if you asked GM for the numbers on how many 4G LTE subscriptions are maintained after the free 1 or 2 years, those percentages will be in the single digits.
Most will not want to have another wireless plan.

Yes true. Everything in that post is true. You are arguing about something else.

I don’t know what happens if you don’t continue the telematics though. Probably you can’t remotely unlock your car.

For WiFi it doesn’t join Panera’s network. You configure it to join your own. If you want to know more then read the manual like I did instead of acting like I made up something nonsensical.

I don’t know about forcing upgrades or such, it isn’t in in the manual.

Regardless, this idea that this stuff should be left out and DCFC put in is nonsense. This hardware will not be removed for the reasons I stated. So your idea is a non-starter.

unlucky said:

“Regardless, this idea that this stuff should be left out and DCFC put in is nonsense.”

It’s about as far from “nonsense” as it’s possible to get. It’s an excellent suggestions and absolutely would be for the better. That said, the chances that Chevrolet will actually do that, are slim and none.

Again, it’s nonsense. This stuff will not be left out. It is standard on EVERY GM car. And those don’t even have DCFC.

To suggest some kind of trade of this for that is a complete absurdity. If you think a new car in this price range is going to be made without connectivity then you simply have no idea of the current state of the car business.

You might as well be saying you’d rather the car came with bias ply tires and the money used to put in handholds (which no seating position has!).

I have any number of remote controls in my house which work wirelessly, yet not a single one of them requires me to pay a monthly subscription to use it. Even if I wanted my car to be able to access the Internet without hooking it up to a smart phone, I certainly wouldn’t pay a separate 4G monthly subscription just for that!

I guess you are one of those people with more dollars than sense. Apparently a lot more.

Everyone wants to turn everything into some sort of continuing subscription plan these days. It gets you continued revenue and a way to continue to pitch more products/services at the consumer.

I expect that with free apps on my phone . . . but it is annoying for products that you pay thousands of dollars to buy.

“Everyone wants to turn everything into some sort of continuing subscription plan these days”.

I totally agree. In addition every piece of your data on your product “needs” to go through some other party’s server in the sky (cloud, that is) before they can present it back to you. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a FitBit or an automobile. This concept is as dumb as ditchwater!

It would be simpler, faster, more reliable and more convenient to just have the car join your home WiFi network and present a web page to you with all relevant readouts, controls etc. (Oh, and free).
The mfg. could be granted access for updates.

Instead we are all being insidiously groomed to believe that more and more QR coded, wireless, techno nonsense with an expensive “plan” is vital to our wellbeing.

Bah, Humbug! (Here endeth rant).

speculawyer said:

“Everyone wants to turn everything into some sort of continuing subscription plan these days. It gets you continued revenue and a way to continue to pitch more products/services at the consumer.”

Indeed. That’s why I find it very, very disturbing when auto makers start talking about making and selling “connectivity appliances” rather than making and selling cars.

This suggests that they want everyone to pay a monthly subscription to be able to use the car, rather than actually buying and owning it outright.

So that’s what you say when Tesla makes connectivity standard? Because it is standard there.

Sure, GM wants to sell you OnStar. But even if you don’t buy OnStar, connectivity is part of the car nowadays, if only because the car company wants to capture telemetry.

Nissan is making telemetry standard on all LEAFs in Europe (already was standard on all but S versions in US). Why shouldn’t the Bolt have it?

unlucky said:

“So that’s what you say when Tesla makes connectivity standard? Because it is standard there.”

Dude, not everything is about Tesla Motors. Tesla doesn’t charge its customers a monthly fee for connectivity, so why are you bringing that up? With Tesla, that comes free with the car, as of course it should for any car which is designed to have that many functions controlled through wifi.

Charging a monthly fee for that is more than just obnoxious and greedy; I’d call it extortion.

“Apply CarPlay”

should be…
“Apple CarPlay”

??? No?

Definitely should be, we will fix up Capitol Chevy’s quote/video comment! Thanks

Good way to promote an EV. Do they have enough units in supply.

Looks like very few Bolts were delivered to the dealers and that too only in California and Oregon.

Let’s see whether its sales cross 100.
But Pacifica plugin’s sales should be at least 100.

I’m going to say at least 200. Because there are 194 Bolt EVs on Based on what a dealer told me, the Bolt EVs on Auto Trader right now are sold cars sitting on the dealer lots waiting to be picked up by the owners.

If these hit dealerships back on, say, December 10, I bet they would’ve easily outsold the Prius Prime and hit a new record for intro EV sales month.

But I don’t think that’ll happen given how late they really arrived st dealerships this month.

A missed PR opportunity perhaps, but largely inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

I see 5 plastic bottles that contain liquid, that’s just what’s visible…

Good grief, what are they for?

Also, if this was a ground up design, why no Frunk???

I think they’re sticking with traditional power steering and brakes, hence the extra fluids.

Brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and battery coolant all come to mind. There may be multiple coolant loops explaining some additional fluids. EVs aren’t nearly as simple as us EV advocates like to think.

Regarding the frunk, the front of the Bolt is very short compared to the Model S. The Model S has all the same stuff, it’s just hidden, and it has a longer hood, giving it space for the frunk.

Why no frunk? Because that’s where the motor is.

It’s a much smaller car than a Tesla and a much smaller front end. They made the car smaller instead of adding a frunk.

The definition of ‘Frunk’…. n. ‘cleverly disguised wasted space’; v. ‘to present something useless as if it is to be considered useful’– “Hey Daddio, why don’t you frunk up that plate of chicken liver with some raisins and cashews?”

“The definition of ‘Frunk’…. n. ‘cleverly disguised wasted space’”

It’s my understanding the long nose on the Tesla Model S creates a large crumple zone. The larger the crumple zone, the more energy the car can absorb in a frontal accident. This provides higher safety to the occupants. Since the nose is longer and there’s no ICE consuming the space, putting a front trunk AKA Frunk in that space was a great design choice.

So why not add another two feet then? If more is always better, then even more is even better, right?

Design the car correctly and it’ll be safe. Then you don’t need to make excuses about how wasting space is a good thing.

Oh, and there are many bottles because it has many coolant loops. One of which actually heats the interior.

Again, check the manual for info.

Troll, its basically all the stuff that you have in the volts.

1). windshield washer fluid
2). Brake Fluid
3). Electronics coolant Loop and motor loop.
4). Battery Coolant Loop
5). Hot water heater loop.

Steering, as in the VOLTS are 12 volt motor assisted so-called ‘electric’ steering – more efficient, and no steering pump or resevoir required.

Of course, there are more fluids, such as refrigerant, and gearing oil baths.

Wi-fi is required for several of the Bolts options. For instance you have the Sat Radio and On Star. They come hardware standard at least on the Premium. You might say “I would never use Sat Radio or On Star” but….it comes with a free trial 90 days On Star and I believe it is 60 days of the Sat Radio. Now you are gonna say cool! I’ll use their free wifi and options then cancel later. Bunches of peeps are going to find out they like one or the other. Bunches and bunches of peeps that use the Sat Radio are going to forget to cancel it and will be charged for the overage. Sound familiar? I’ll use the yearly wifi package. Best dollar value. It’s cheap enough for those times when you wished you had it. An example is my wife doesn’t have a cell phone. A few bucks a year for the 1/2 dozen times a year I wish she did or the peace of mind that I’ll have when she is out is…..priceless. The Bolt a consumer gadget. The wifi is the doorway for that consumption and all the good and bad that come with it.

I agree… Should have a Frunk, power train below it.
What heated water for heater again?
Why not reverse cycle A/C for heating efficiency.
Be interesting to see how the Tesla 3 compare in both design and functionality.
For the GM BOLT designed ground up, I expected a lot more innovative / packaging and simplification …. guess NOT.

I strongly disagree… The Bolt represent a whole new direction for automobiles. The Bolt is a very good combination of functionality and sustainability. This comment lacks maturity and doesn’t see the possibilities of the Bolt.

I am completely turned off by the Model 3. I think the Model 3 is going to be a lot more expensive than a comparable Bolt, but even if it isn’t, I would much rather have a Bolt. I think a lot of people that ordered Model 3s are going to be very frustrated with the lack of functional space in the Model 3.

The powertrain arrangement was made vertical instead of horizontal. The bay is small, but it’s just not low. If you turned the drivetrain 90 degrees you could make the car 18 inches longer and have a frunk.

But why would you want that? If you were going to add 18 inches it would better to add it somewhere else in the car where it adds to the trunk or interior space instead of creating another trunk space up front.

You seem to be WAY off on the coolant loop thing. The A/C compressor is in a central location and it can be used to heat or cool multiple things (battery, interior, etc). They are doing things the efficient way you suggest.

This car is 3 feet shorter than a Tesla Model S but has more passenger space and you suggest it should have had more innovative packaging. I don’t get it. What are you hoping for?

I very much dislike these videos with just pictures, a recorded (electronic?)voice-over and canned music. There are already dozens of such videos already. I want to see a good road test video with a real (and knowledgeable) person doing the driving and talking, while I am watching the video showing out the front windshield (to get an idea of how it moves in the real world).

I thought this one was pretty good. Although it is for the European version.

You might be happy to hear that under the Chevrolet CompleteCare package that comes with every new Bolt EV you get two free engine oil and filter changes! Do Bolt owners get a credit when service departments figure out the Bolt doesn’t have an engine?

Yes, they get a credit good for an additional oil change and filter.

Why promote at all? All all of the available Bolt fleet across most dealers are already sold MONTHS out in CA.

I was just at my local Chevy dealership and they said they had about 60 pre-sold. I saw 6 on the lot and was told they were getting picked up this week. Couldn’t take one out for a spin but was able to sit in one and turn it on and mess around with it in the lot.

It’s actually bigger than I thought it was going to be. Still wish the trunk was a bit bigger but it’s not a big deal. It is definitely a narrow car. I’m an average height/weight guy and my butt felt like it barely fit in the seat before the sides angled up. I’m disappointed to say that they once again don’t have lumbar support, not even just for the driver. Come on. How much would that have cost 🙁

All in all I was more impressed with it than from what I could see alone from the pictures. May have to go back in a month or two and take one out for a spin actually.

I even for a $50 gift card for checking it out 😀

Which dealership was this??

Weseloh, North County San Diego

Chevy: “We will meet demand as it occurs.”
Dealers: “Our entire allotment for 6 months is sold out.”
Chevy: “Demand has not reached expectations, so we will produce as required.”

There are currently 174 Bolt EVs listed on Autotrader. I called one of the dealers and asked why the Bolts are listed on Autotrader if all the Bolts are already sold out. The salesman confirmed that all of his allotment was sold out but California state law requires the car to be advertised if it’s sitting on the lot even if it has already been sold and waiting for the owner to pick it up.

The salesman did confirm that he has another Bolt coming in next month that’s not already spoken for. If you call around you might be able to find the dealers that are expecting new available deliveries soon. I’m planning on waiting until the Bolt becomes available in Texas so you won’t have to worry about me coming out to California to snatch up the last one.

I wouldn’t call that brief video sans narrative an “in-depth look.” Decent promo, maybe. Still, nice to see a dealer making some effort, though I note Capitol Chevrolet’s website shows no Bolts available to buy as of today. Some SoCal dealers’ websites are showing Bolts in transit, but I haven’t been able to test drive one yet, and I’ve been asking.

What I really want to see is the first real-world review from an actual purchaser. With real suitcases crammed in the back, maybe kid seats or adults in the second row, a description of how the cockpit looks, feels and works for the daily grind. Basically all the mundane details that help make or break a car purchase decision for those of us who aren’t rolling in cash.

Wait perhaps another 2-3 weeks and I may be able to accommodate you, John. 😉

(Real) Bolts have literally arrived! At some SoCal dealers anyways.

That’s great news. Surprised to see them come in small chunks. But it’s good GM delivered to someone.