Danish SIN Electric Car Re-Envisions City Travel

NOV 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

A lightweight, small city EV worth called SIN?

Danish bike manufacturer Biomega introduced a concept electric car called SIN. It’s 4-door, 4-seat CUV-type vehicle in Scandinavian design style, that comes with 4-motors (60 kW total) and 20 kWh battery for up to 160 km (100 miles) of range.

The secret of SIN is in the curb weight of just 950 kg (including a 200 kg battery) that enables it to use a small battery. Moreover, 6 kWh out of 20 kWh is removable (three 2 kWh modules) – “allowing the battery to be replaced on the move, and extra distance to be covered between charges”.

If  Biomega decides to launch it into production, then SIN is expected in 2021-2023.

“SIN creates a new open-wheel vehicle typology that allows for a flat floor and easy maneuvering in tight urban spaces, while the invention of a fascia window maximizes road view.SIN is designed to be built using state-of-the-art lightweight composites, including a world-first use of modular carbon fiber for high volume automotive production. Through uncluttered interior, the car rejects superfluous styling in favor of low cost, comfort and sustainability.”

See video here.

Base Specs (preliminary):

  • Price: €20.000
  • Max. power in kW: 60 kW (82 hp)
  • Max. torque in Nm: 160 Nm
  • Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph): 13 s
  • Top Speed in km/h: 130 km/h (209 mph)
  • Range in km: 160 km (100 miles)
  • Battery capacity in kWh: 20 kWh (14 + 6 kWh removable)
  • Battery weight: 200 kg
  • Battery weight kg/kWh: 10kg / kWh
  • Power consumption: 11 kWh / 100 km
  • Kerb weight: 950kg
  • Structure CFRP body shell structure with aluminum crossbeams
  • Motors 4 in-hub motors on external wheels
  • Battery Pack Main battery pack on floor + modular swapping battery system
Biomega SIN
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Biomega SIN Biomega SIN Biomega SIN Biomega SIN

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It has the same shape as the cars we made at school in the woodshop class when I was like 10 years old.
The wheels are very exposed, and may result in some expensive alignment jobs during the life of the vehicle. The concept is cool though.

I agree. It looks like a pine wood derby car.

Ugly as “Sin”?

In wheel motors have issues that tend to send engineers back to the drawing board. Shock absorption through the wheel motor being only one. It would be interesting to see if in wheel problems will ever get solved enough to see mass production for daily use.

A larger Twizy for more passengers comes to mind. I do not know who needs a window in the nose, that seems an embellishment. I can see vehicles looking similar to the SIN autonomously roaming the streets as driverless cabs, taking folks to work like little robots.

Bland looking and who cares? It’s an appliance for A to B.

Given how little room there is for the front wheels to turn, this thing must steer like a brick.

Seriously. The flat nose. Any understanding of basic wind resistance concepts in Denmark?
This is a typical form-over-function design that simply ignores basic common sense.

I’m sure this is so slow that wind resistance is minimal.

130 kph (81 mph) is not that slow — with proper aerodynamic design the top speed could be slightly higher and the consumption much lower at highway speed.

Right. Anything over 30 mph starts to have aerodynamic considerations. But I suspect any improvements will be gained by modifying the rear of the vehicle first.

I love small, weird, and efficient cars, so I think this is cool. But as someone else mentioned, I wonder how it turns.

Interesting, the spec says that 130km/h = 209mph.

as 1 mile = 1.609 km you have to divide by 1.6 => 130kph = 81 mph.

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As in ugly as.