Video: Chevrolet Talks Spark EV In Europe. Launches In Early 2014


While at the Geneva Motor Show, Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe President, Susan Docherty take some time to introduce the Spark EV to Europe and talk about some of the 5-door, electric vehicles features.

Spark EV Coming To Europe In About A Year

Spark EV Coming To Europe In About A Year

Ms. Docherty notes that the Spark EV will be someone limited in its initial roll-out, but first deliveries are expected about a year from now, in the first quarter of 2014 to select dealerships throughout Europe; which we take to mean, if they currently sell a Chevrolet Volt (but not the Opel Ampera), they will gain access to the Spark EV.

About the Spark EV:

  • will first launch in South Korea this summer, and in the US (to select cities in California and Oregon) later in 2013, Canada in late 2014 as a fleet vehicle at first
  • priced at “less than $32,500″in the US before incentives
  • 135-horsepower electric motor and 400 pound-feet of torque (although we question the computing method for this figure)
  • 0 to 62 mph around 8.2 seconds
  • just larger than 20 kWh battery, giving the Spark EV an expected range of about 81 miles (a number quasi-confirmed by GM CEO Akerson this week saying weight reductions had brought the Spark’s range up 5 miles to about 80)
  • first production vehicle to come with an optional SAE (not CHAdeMO) charging outlet

Chevy Spark EV Gallery:  (double click)

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3 responses to "Video: Chevrolet Talks Spark EV In Europe. Launches In Early 2014"
  1. Anton Wahlman says:

    Late 2013? Didn’t they say Summer 2013 just a short while (a month) ago?

  2. evnow says:

    Why do some people claim this is not a compliance car if they are releasing only in “select cities in CA & OR” ?

  3. Thomas J. Thias says:


    Gonna have to call ‘Greens Law Of Debate’ on Ya.

    Here is the skinny,
    GM will be Beta Testing The Chevy Spark BEV/PEV.
    Similar to the tight roll out of The Amazing Chevy Volt EREV.

    Remember? From December, 2010, just a 7 market deployment, Including Washington, DC, through July 31st of 2011.

    This allowed General Motors to keep a tight watch on the product, ramp up Volt Advisor Support, fine tune Dealer Service Departments, gather growing OnStar Data, and train its Sales Staffs’ and try and overcome their resistance, as it pushed into the wild.

    8 States added August 1st, thus totaling 10 over the next 4 weeks of that month.

    By this time, as part of the Beta Roll out, most active Chevrolet Dealers had at least one Demo/Training Volt. These machines were NOT for sale and were to acclimate sales, service and visiting general public.

    September, 2011, brought on another 4 states only, through the end of October, 2011, bringing this continuing Beta Roll Out to just 19 States and the District of Columbia, in other words, Volt availability, after the first 11 months was limited to less then half the country!

    Of course, Hamtramck, now ramping up production as all 50 states and world wide went live December 1st, 2011. Only on The 11th of December, 2011, did Chevrolet finally release ALL Volt Training/Demo Volts for public sales.

    So, the Chevrolet Spark BEV/PEV will Beta Test roll out in California, Oregon, Canadian Fleet and Korea, followed by added availibility in more US States and Europe in the first quarter, 2014.

    With the Amazing Chevy Volt EREV sales now approaching 42,000 worldwide in various configurations, The Chevy Spark BEV/PEV will follow a similar Beta Test deployment in different markets.
    I believe that the Spark sales will soar, and in a much tighter, quicker roll out then the Amazing Chevy Volt EREV.


    Thomas J. Thias