BYTON Makes World Debut At CES


Enter another newcomer in the electric vehicle game.


BYTON, a Chinese company owned by Future Mobility Corporation, LTD was formed in 2016 and derives its name from “Bytes on Wheels,” with the bytes symbolizing the internet, and wheels symbolizing automobiles.

We haven’t had much information about BYTON as of yet, but that’s about to change later today when they have their official coming-out party at CES in Las Vegas.

BYTON claims the concept shown at CES is about 85% accurate as compared to the production vehicle, which is planned to launch in 2019 at a starting MSRP of $45,000 U.S. for the entry-level version.

The entry-level car will be rear-wheel drive and have a 71 kWh battery with 272 Hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. A high-performance version will be available with all-wheel drive, 370 Hp, 710 lb-ft of torque, and a 95 kWh battery.

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the BYTON concept is the enormous touch-screen display that spans the entire length of the dashboard. This feature, in my opinion, is evidence that BYTON expects the vehicle to be used primarily with autonomous driving features, as the visual distraction for the driver appears obvious.

BYTON’s display screen stretches across the entire dashboard

That said, BYTON promises Level 3 autonomy in 2019, followed by the availability of Level 4 autonomy in 2020. The company also boasts that the car is prepared to be “fully autonomous.”

More to come on BYTON after the press conference today.

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Anyone going to Byton this one and put money down?? I’ll pass. 😉

Here’s to hoping that panoramic screen shrinks a lot and the one on the steering wheel is removed. That should be a decent chunk of the 15% changes they elude to!

As far as these being available in the US I will believe it when I start seeing any Chinese manufacturer actually do it. And don’t give me that Caddy crap as an example of it already being done…

Nice looking car, rather resembles the FF91 from the side.

Way better looking than model X though.


From the side at least

The Byton Concept is a 4 passenger 2 row midsize CUV. The production version can become 5 passenger easy enough.

Model X is an aerodynamic 3 Row 7 passenger fullsize CUV.

Aerodynamic,fullsize 3 Row 7 passenger, Good Looking. You can pick 2 out of 3 but not all 3.

Exterior looks really nice, great specs, good price…but that screen…I hope that changes.

Looks like quite a stretch to reach that large screen.

Maybe the smaller screen on the steering wheel is a pad that controls the big screen much like a leptop pad used in place of the mouse. Anyway, i see that the Tesla minimalist style is catching on as all the controls seem to be on the wheel.

At least they didn’t name it BYT ONE.

The more the merrier…

I suspect the first working prototypes will be sent to Mars, or Jupiter, or Venus. The only unknown is how to find a cord on Mars and charge it. All tech and science cannot explain how all these planets keep spinning without a single wire. In time all these today’s “scientists “ will have to admit that cord entangled future was WRONG from the very outset and that universe- and Earth as its constituent part- simply cannot function properly through wires. If want a broken platform, then promote cords, the next big thing is for them to recognize and admit that the universecannot go backwards, no matter how hard “the science” wants to reverse it. No cords please.

This would be able anything else-killer

There is no glove compartment between the 2 front seats which means they can also provide a version as 6 seater with 3 in front and 3 in back.

$45,000 luxury crossover with 250 mile range is welcome news.

China is changing subsidy rules for EVs to favor only those with longer range above 300 km and not the expensive ones.
This is very good for the middle class who want a clean long range EV instead of rich buying bigger or luxury vehicle at the expense of the nation.

Where do the airbags go? The steering wheel screen flips up and an airbag comes out jack-in-the-box style, or you get glass to the face with your airbag?

And as a short person, how do I see the dang road with that airport departure screen in front of me?

Stolen designs:-
Why do the Chinese do this?
No wonder ppl have low opinions of there manufacturers. Nothing original. ..that goesnt inspire confidence. Where to start?
-Front Facia (Lucid)
-Exterior (FF)
-Front seats (Lucid)

Technology cramming – over the top futuristic laundry list….(FF)

I’m exhausted already