Bosch Encourages Its 100,000 German Workers To Lease E-Bikes

MAY 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Bosch, as a supplier of key electric bike parts, encourages more than 100,000 of its associates to commute on electric bike, or at least an ordinary bike.

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Electric bike powered by Bosch

The main idea is to combine its products with promotion of low-emissions mobility for associates. Health and creativity were mentioned as additional advantages.

Bosch produces integrated electric powertrains (motors, transmissions, power electronics), battery packs, chargers and displays for various electric bike brands around the world.

We should add that it some promotion for electric cars in the form of work charging stations would be a good idea too.

“Riding serenely past traffic jams, coming up with new ideas outdoors, or simply doing something good for the environment – cycling has a lot of benefits. From February 2018, Bosch associates have access to bicycles and e-bikes leased by the supplier of technology and services. The new mobility and healthcare offering is available to more than 100,000 associates in Germany. Together with employee representatives, Bosch has developed a corresponding combined works agreement.”

“The fastest and most eco-friendly way to get around town

There are some 20 million commuters in Germany, half of which drive less than 10 kilometers to work. In urban areas, e-bikes offer the fastest way to travel such distances. A Bosch market study found that more than half of German residents believe that e-bikes offer a good alternative to cars. In addition, a third of those interested in an e-bike would want to use it for commuting purposes. Bicycles are not just the fastest way to get around in urban areas, they are also the most eco-friendly. Using public transit, for example, results in a carbon footprint ten times greater per kilometer traveled than an e-bike. Bike leasing can thus play a role in improving air quality in cities. The German government is also encouraging the use of bicycles, such as with an initiative to increase the share of bike traffic from 12 to 15 percent by 2020. For this purpose, they have allocated an annual budget of 200 million euros.

Electric bike powered by Bosch

Cycling promotes good health

According to a British study, the risk of developing heart disease is 46 percent lower for people who ride their bikes to work than it is for people who commute by car or train. This is due to the fact that the combination of movement and fresh air strengthens the immune system, improves powers of concentration and responsiveness, and provides an increased sense of physical well-being. An endurance sport like cycling also has a positive effect on brain activity. The increased supply of oxygen improves cognitive abilities, while the rhythmic, circular pedaling motion provides for relaxation. Exercise also boosts the release of happiness hormones such as serotonin and endorphins – helpful substances for combatting depression.”

“Classic bikes or e-bikes

Bosch associates can choose their bike – be it an e-bike or a conventional bicycle – at one of roughly 4,000 participating specialist retailers. Bosch then takes care of the contractual side of things. Insurance and service checks are part of the lease, and associates also have the option of insuring the parts that are subject to wear and tear. The point of contact for the duration of the leasing period is the local bike retailer. In return for use of the bicycles, a leasing fee is taken from associates’ gross salary. As in the case of company cars, there are therefore additional tax benefits for the associate.”

“Associates of the Bosch Group in Germany with permanent contracts who have been with the company for at least three years have access to up to two bikes.”

Christoph Kübel, member of the board of management and director of industrial relations at Robert Bosch GmbH said:

“With this mobility offering, we want to help improve air quality in cities as well as the health of our associates.”

“Cycling is good for body and mind. It also promotes creativity – because we don’t always have our best ideas sitting at our desks, but instead while doing things like exercise. This is why bike leasing is now one component of our working culture.”

Kerstin Mai, chairwoman of the combined works council says:

“With this agreement, we have created a mobility offering for all associates. They can use the bike both for work and private purposes. Cycling keeps you fit, it is environmentally friendly, and it is often the fastest means of transport, especially in cities.”

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So, ….If you are a bicycle commuter:

Risk of getting cancer — cut in 1/2
Risk of heart disease — cut in 1/2
Risk of dying early — cut in 1/2


//forget the EVs, China had it right the first time.

That and Denmark, the Netherlands, the city of Zurich in Switzerland, and even car friendly Germany started getting it right over 30 years ago and continue to get it right today.

Edit: Clarified that I know Zurich is a city in Switzerland and not a separate country.

Works in some places but for most of Cali is impractical at best. My commute is 20 miles, my wife’s is 38 miles. These are low by our standards. European cities can do it because of concentration.

Curious why a Bosch employee wouldn’t just buy an e-bike? I know they are not cheap, but they are in relation to a car. The company could have free bike check-ups for the un-mechanically inclined or discounts for the purchase of an e-bike. Leasing/wear insurance/paycheck deductions just seem like an unnecessary hassle.

Been riding an e-bike for 12 years. I do all the repairs. Not that difficult.

I think there are at least four reasons: 1. Bosch as a company can deduct the actual cost of the bike over a certain number of years. That is why they can offer the bike cheaper to their workers. 2. The user of the bike may deduct some of their leasing/transportation costs from their tax. 3. The used don’t have to pay all up front, and they will also get a very low lease cost for the bike. 4. Maintenance and insurance deals are to make sure the user just have to ride the bike, and everything else is taken care of. No need to pay for a fairly expensive battery (my bike use an almost $1000 battery, at least that was the cost a few years back). All these costs are in a tax deduction deal too. That is super high. With many employees using their bikes, they will normally be in better physical and mental health. They will use less sick days, and so on. I remember seeing e-bikes in Austria back when I was a kid. Old people used them too, to compensate for their health. I was riding my normal bike up a long but not… Read more »
Would just like to add, that (especially before e-bikes) if you travel to the Netherlands or Denmark, and look at all the people that use a bike to and from work, school and picking up kids in the kindergarted.. and so on – they’re using their normal clothes (suits/dresses/jeans.. and so on) when biking. It is treated like a proper transportation tool. I was surpriced at the number of bike users, which is probably unique in the world. I also like all the special bikes they had in Amsterdam, and a few years later in Copenhagen. They are slowly starting to come in Norway too. Often with en electric motor, since we have a lot of hills in Norway. When you see people use their bike to work in Norway they have expensive bikes, special clothing with bike names or professional bike team names on them. Many are really pushing it, so they are sweaty when they come to work. Then they have to take a shower at work before they start, or at a gym close to work, before they start in the morning. When the e-bikes started to come, they brought with them another type of cyclists. They… Read more »

Kid just don’t sweat as much as adult, that’s why.
I am the kind of racing gears beholder user, but it’s just for fun and accomplishment.

Fun is an individual concept, my work need a ton or more things, so I use my truck 😟

My e-bike is plug and play, separate components: hub motor, controller, throttle, dash, battery. Easy to diagnose a problem and replace the part. The online dealer has been great at helping to keep it running. All bicycle parts come from the local bike shop. Easy to work on if you work on a regular bike. I’ve never leased or rented anything (except for an apartment), prefer to buy and take care of it myself. The Bosch mid-drive motor may be more complex, not repair friendly.

I didn’t consider the tax advantages. I know some countries have much higher tax rates than the US.

Sounds like it’s deducted pre-tax. That can cut the tree cost in half or more in high tax areas.