Boring Company Gets Approval To Build Tunnel In Residential Garage


And The Boring Company’s saga continues.

Like any of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s unique, world-changing endeavors, The Boring Company’s plans continue to develop and adapt. Just the other day, we shared a video of one of the boring machines being operated by an Xbox controller. In August, we informed you about the company’s plans to ask the Trump Administration to exclude certain imports from tariffs. Perhaps the biggest news, however, was the company’s proposal to build a 3.6-mile tunnel (coined the Dugout Loop) to Dodger’s Stadium.

Fast-forward to this week and now The Boring Company is delving into residential plans. According to The Mercury News (The Beach Reporter), Musk’s side-project acquired some property near the SpaceX headquarters, with hopes to construct a prototype garage. Interestingly, the Hawthorne City Council has already approved the construction of a shaft on this newfound property. A shaft? Yes, may the Schwartz be with you!

In all honesty, the shaft would be used to lower a vehicle from a garage to the commuter tunnel beneath. So, a private homeowner could get into The Boring Company tunnel without even leaving their own garage! Upon entering the tunnel, the car would then be moved via the company’s original plans … on some sort of electric sled.

It’s important to note that when the city council gave this plan the go-ahead, it was said that this prototype would remain private. Thus, it won’t be open to the public or cause any disruption to the existing neighborhood or traffic. We can only assume that this means it won’t be part of the student tours.

When The Boring Company released its original plans, as well as several after that, we were quite skeptical of the reality of the situation. But, somewhat crazily, developments continue to move forward and approval continues to be granted. Wow! We’ll see where this all leads to in the future.

Source: The Mercury News, The Boring Company

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Ron Swanson's Mustache

Oh, sure, the diagram shows this being installed in what looks like a regular residential home, but we all know that the first installation of this system will be in Elon Musk’s volcano lair.

The big question I have is what happens if there is a hurricane or flooding, where does the water go?

In the tunnel…lmao …No Seriously ….I am sure they have a pumping system in place..

Everywhere. Weren’t the BC tunnels supposed to be low pressure and therefore have to be sealed? Or am I thinking just HyperLoop?

You ARE remembering Hyperloop.

Just Hyperloop. Traffic in BC tunnels is supposed to have a speed of 125 MPH, according to the original concept video.

Tunnels are designed to accommodate rain/ground water. The tunnels are sloped to drains at the low points. Pump stations are installed if required. At various locations along the tunnel there will be air intakes/exhausts .

It’s decades old tech that’s being used now in many cities around the globe in their subway systems.

No hurricanes in Los Angeles or Silicon Valley. Just earthquakes.

Now you can ask “what could possible go wrong with these shafts and tunnels during an earthquake?”

I want one of those! Always wanted my own Bat Cave.

Wow. What a waste. More traffic in the tunnels. Plus what 200k for tunnel access

Yea, this seems like a rich people solution. If you can pay for your own tunnel, you can be part of the fast travel system.
I still don’t really see the benefit over a subway in terms of transport costs. Especially if you have a complicated exit and entry system, that isn’t limited to just a few stations, like in a subway.

So the only benefit is the added luxury of traveling in your own vehicle. So if you are wealthy and you can afford it, why not spend a couple 100k for a private access to the tunnel system. For regular people you have more or less another subway, but rich people can sit in their own luxury cars, probably get priority, when it comes to getting somewhere and can exit wherever they pay for a tunnel.

Yes, this is absolutely a concept for a VIP-only transport system. Only the very rich need apply.

And that’s why it will never become reality. It would be like building the Titanic with only first-class passenger cabins. No, luxury ocean liners needed a vast number of steerage passengers to make a profit on a voyage. And this type of small-scale traffic tunnel system would need to carry a volume of passengers similar to a subway system to not lose money in a profligate manner. Heck, even most subways lose money and have to be subsidized, if my understanding is correct. But the Boring Co. concept would lose money far, far faster.

Sadly, the Boring Co. concept is just an ultra-rich man’s fantasy which has now become a boondoggle.


I realized that Elon lacked common sense when he revealed the ‘Falcon’ doors on the Model X.

Yeah, that was a really silly own goal. Are they cool! Yeah, but not THAT cool.

It is giving us ideas on how to own multiple EVs if our garage space is limited. (-:

You know before you attack InsideEVs again, you don’t have to read the article or even come onto InsideEVs to complain.

ok. cool. Now, lets start seeing some of these put into action.
Seriously, Elon needs to have tunnels that are working and ppl are using them. And Ideally, they will have ppl traveling at 150-200 mph. Once they have high speed underground travel, it will change the public transportation field esp. in America.

Cheap tunnel construction could really revolutionize transit. But I think speeds over 80 mph would be more expensive than it is worth. Think Acela with no sharp curves to slow it down, or undergtound HOT lanes in which you commute to work at 70 mph with your hands in your lap as the autopilot has you tucked one second behind the car in front of you.

Seriously, guys. Musk is just trolling you.

I thought so too, at first. But now Musk is actually accepting investments in The Boring Co.! It’s crazy.

Forget moving cars, move people. Move people to the surface not pods.
It is a fast subway with single cars.

But a subway is a mass transit system. High volume of passengers = low cost per passenger.

Contrariwise, the Boring Co. concept is for a very limited access, VIP-only travel. Low volume of passengers = very high cost per passenger. This isn’t going to work in any area not exclusively populated by millionaires and billionaires. In other words: Not in the real world.

Whatever, the concept is not that difficult.

Not difficult but stupid and elitist

This diagram fits perfectly with the wishful thinking that inspired Elon to envision the absurdly impractical and stupendously unaffordable Boring Co. concept: His desire to be able to drive from home to work, and vice versa, without encountering any traffic.

I think it’s unfortunate that Elon has gotten real people to invest real money in this boondoggle. If anyone actually thinks such a scheme can ever become practical, just read the following economic analysis of similar proposals for VIP-only transportation systems:

Here’s the plans for the Dig Dugout Loop.