Boring Company Asks Trump Administration To Exclude Certain Imports From Tariffs


The company says some required parts are only available from manufacturers in China.

In July, President Trump increased tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods. These import duties were a response to ” theft of intellectual property and unfair trade practices.” The administration plans for a second round of tariffs in August. China has retaliated with duties on U.S. goods and more are likely to come.

In a July 31st letter, The Boring Company asked the U.S. Trade Representative to exempt certain parts from tariffs. Ashley Steinberg of The Boring Company (TBC) asked for exemptions on “cutterheads, screw conveyors and related support machinery.” According to the letter:

Although whole tunnel boring machines are available from sellers outside China, certain constituent parts of these machines are readily available only from China. To advance our privately funded infrastructure projects, TBC seeks to source these limited parts from China in the near-term for use in a small number of tunnel boring machines.

The company plans to offer autonomous electric vehicles traveling between Washington and Baltimore. Several other projects are in the works that would allow for high-speed underground travel between cities or major landmarks. TBC states that most equipment is sourced from the United States. However, certain parts must be obtained from China due to availability.

The Boring Company: Boring Machine Segments

While founder Elon Musk has previously called on Donald Trump to address the unfair business practices in China, an escalating trade war is not the solution he had in mind.

Of course, TBC is far from the only company that has taken issue with the administration on trade. General Motors has also asked for exemption for the Buick Envision or the vehicle would be pulled from the U.S. market.

According to the request by TBC, additional import duties would result in construction delays and job losses. Construction delays of 12 – 24 months could occur if an exemption is not granted.

Source: regulations.govBloomberg

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Resisting temptation for political comments….. so hard…..don’t want to get banned….


I don’t know how political this is, but I’m a little off put by the ENTIRE country having to pay for tariffs in their everyday lives and someone getting a direct line to the Trade Representative to make themselves exempt. It wouldn’t even be Boring Company’s fault that the system favors certain corporations and they aren’t doing anything wrong by asking… but yeah.

As a side note, the solar panel tariff seems to have been forgotten in all this:

“President Donald Trump’s tariff on imported solar panels has led U.S. renewable energy companies to cancel or freeze investments of more than $2.5 billion in large installation projects, along with thousands of jobs, the developers told Reuters.”

That was from the initial 30%, then another 25% in June. Does anyone know the total tariff on a Chinese solar panel right now?

It’s a trap! Don’t do it!…lol

Love what Trump is doing. Long over due negotiations that past presidents were to spineless to fix.

I see a lot of bluster, very little negotiation, and no agreements yet. We’ll see.

You mean like all the past presidents of both parties that actually successfully negotiated and signed trade agreements? While under the current administration globally nations are signing trade agreement after trade agreement that specifically exclude the United States in response to the current administration?

A group of 11 nations — including major United States allies like Japan, Canada and Australia — signed a broad trade deal on Thursday in Chile’s capital, Santiago, that challenges Mr. Trump’s view of trade as a zero-sum game filled with winners and losers.
Japan and the European Union signed the biggest trade deal in their history, nearly eliminating all tariffs between the Asian nation and the bloc’s 28 member countries. Dubbed the “Economic Partnership Agreement,” the new trade deal will account for almost a third of the world’s GDP. It is widely viewed as a rebuke of Trump’s protectionist trade policies.

Ban him! Ban him!

Don’t hate the playa’ — hate the game

As usual, a liberal thinks they do not haft to follow the rules that the rest of us haft to.

The exception was filed under the rules that allow for companies to file for exceptions. How is following the rules for filing requests for excptions not following the rules?

I would agree that both Elon Musk or Donald Trump don’t feel like rules apply to them, but I’m also pretty sure that neither of them are liberal and they were the only two people mentioned in the article.

Either way there is no need to get tribal. There are tons of examples of law-biding people across the political spectrum and the only rule-breaking going on here is probably the tariff itself.

I might call you something, bur I can’t.

Wait…weren’t energy companies requesting and being granted waivers from the EPA standards lately? See buttmuch, money doesn’t care what your political inclinations are.

It’s the typical cherry picking discussion. I am sure Elon Musk/Tesla are unhappy about tariffs when it comes to exporting cars, but they like them when it is about protecting their struggling domestic focused solar and storage business. They dislike the tariffs when they start hurting your companies’ need to import parts, but they are also liked when they hurt a competitor to import competing products.

Making exceptions to the rules for a few big players is just admittance that tariffs will always hurt your domestic economy and consumers (the majority of the economy won’t have the chance to negotiate individual loopholes). If you can’t live with tariffs also hurting local businesses and consumers, don’t impose tariffs. If you can, just go ahead, but stop complaining about it.

Neither TBC nor Tesla are big players.

Elon Musik used to sit on the president’s infamous advisory council due to his recognition. Tesla is one of the biggest US car manufacturers in terms of stock valuation, fastest growing US car company, a well known brand, and one of the most discussed tech startups.
This cannot be said about most small to mid-sized companies that make up half of the US GDP (e.g. your local garage with the same need for imported parts).

When was that you heard Tesla saying that they are for the solar tariffs?

Those are the perverted effects of the populism. Enjoy the voted.