BMW i8 Roadster Rumored To Have Twice The Electric Range Of i8 Coupe

SEP 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

The BMW i8 Roadster is in its final testing phase.

The upcoming BMW i8 Roadster with new soft top is to be unveiled at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show this December, featuring major improvements over the current i8.

BMW i8

BMW recently presented video from its final testing phase and has begun to tease the features of the i8 Roadster at exclusive VIP events.

According to BMWBlog, the i8 Roadster will have twice the range than i8,  which is currently rated at 14.2 miles (EPA) using a 7.1 kWh battery pack.

Doubling the battery pack size (to ~14 kWh) would indeed be a similar proportional upgrade to the expected bump of the BMW i3 to 43.2 kWh in 2018 (over the original 22 kWh of few years ago).

In addition to more range, comes more oompf, as the power output is to be increased. Again, at this point it is not know by how much exactly (but likely around 400 hp total).

Other news surrounds revised chassis tuning, a new Electric Copper color, and the capability to open the soft top in ~14 second at speeds of up up to 60 km/h, so a drop top on-the-fly as it were.  Overall, an upgraded infotainment system and new assistance systems are also on the list of changes for the Roadster and the traditional i8.

source: BMW Blog

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Every kWh counts. Don’t let those purists tell you otherwise

Agreed. 10 years ago high performance sports cars might get 18 mpg or something like that. It’s pretty obvious at this point that all future sports cars will have some kind of hybrid drive train. It cuts gas consumption 75% or more. BMW is far and away the leader of all high volume traditional car makers. Toyota ceded that to them. Tesla is obviously the leader in pure BEVs but BMW should not be discounted. And the poor long suffering GM engineers will just have to live with their creations being neglected.

Technology innovation at it’s best! r o t f l m a o…Quite an accomplishment ! Why use any gas at all? BMW just Keeps on beating that dead horse..

14 miles on electricity is really poor,
28 miles on electricity on the other hand would cover a large percentage of miles for the average driver.

Or, 28 Miles is 28/40 (~73%) of the much Ballyhooed ’40 Miles a day, driven on average, by Commuters’, so with a charge at home and at work, they could run free of gas for their commute!

It would, but the sort of people who buy an impractical car like the i8 (large on the outside, but with mostly unusable on the inside, while still not a true sportscar) likely don’t care. Over here, it gets a large Customs Duty break due to having a plug, and that’s the only reason anyone buys them.

The average driver?

Remember this is a $135,000 2-seat coupe with hardly any luggage space… very loud visual appearance, and designed for sporty driving.

It is NOT an average car and there are no average drivers of the i8.

As soon as you hit the accelerator hard, the 28-mile number evaporates and is replaced by a much shorter number.

BMW should make an electric version instead. Anyways, here are the details for the battery.

The new battery cells will be the PHEV2 37 Ah from Samsung SDI.

Current BMW i8 battery: 96 x 3,7 V x 20 Ah = 7,1 kWh

Future battery: 96 x 3,7 V x 37 Ah = 13,14 kWh

It’s a 85 % battery capacity increase.

The next step for PHEV2 cells is 50 and 60 Ah cells. The Volkswagen plug-in cars will also use them.

They will quickly go all electric, when they see the demand for Tesla’s next Roadster

Or you can pocket $10 grand and go pure electric, while spanking the BMW in a P100D.

I still don’t get it..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- 2011 called, it wants it’s ‘electric’ car back.

Oh come on, the i8 just has presence 🙂

I’ve been lucky enough to ride along in one, and it’s a pretty awesome car. It’s far better looking than any Tesla (although I’ll admit that that’s subjective), and its rear seat legroom isn’t bad compared to the Model S, with that weird high floor thing that it’s got going on. You can really feel the fact that it i8 is made out of carbon fibre too. And my God, those butterfly doors! Which, unlike Falcon doors, actually work.

That said, you’re right about keeping up with the times; they should have upgraded the battery ages ago. I applaud BMW for all the PHEVs they’re making, but damn they all have short ranges.

Agreed. The Model S looks great, but the i8 looks fantastic.

28 miles for 43kwh? That’s not very far.

28 miles for 14kWh. It’s the i3, not the i8, that has a 43kWh pack.