Audi To Show Electric Car Of Far-Off Future In Shanghai

MAR 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 16

Audi is busy making tons of electric concept cars these days.

Audi is preparing special EV concepts for upcoming motor shows. This includes one for Shanghai and one in Frankfurt, according to Marc Lichte, head of design.

Those new models were designed to imagine how Audi cars could look like 10 years from now (like the previous Aicon concept). This is well beyond ordinary concepts like the e-tron GT concept or Q4 e-tron concept. Those two vehicles are within a three-year horizon.

The important topic is the interior – with and without a steering wheel – as the concepts will be envisioned as autonomous (Level 4).

Our attention, for now, will be mostly focused on the production-bound Audi Q2 L e-tron. This is the new all-electric model for the Chinese market.

Audi BEV models:

Source: Autocar

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VW just needs to stop at this point.

Sadly 100% agree, we get it VW you’re excited, but the world isn’t so patient.

Sorry, but you don’t represent the world.

And once more, people will be moaning and complaining because they don’t understand the meaning of ‘concept’… yawn. At least read the article folks, don’t head straight to the comment section.

Yes, but a concept car is one thing when you’re making a lot of actual cars, another when it’s concept car after another, with little actual product. (Yes, I know VW does make lots of diesel/petrol cars, and maybe we should be encouraged that from the concepts it does see the future as electric, but I think the attitudes above reflect a desire to see them bringing far more real electric product to market – not just electric concept cars.)

Oh Please! Do you know how auto companies do their R&D?? Do you think all they need to do is put panels on top of a chassis and start selling it?
Think about the time and effort to get the assembly plant, workers and robots to do the work needed to put the car together. The time to get work with the various parts suppliers who also need to be informed on how the part they’re providing has to meet curtain criteria/standards.

Does not matter, you don’t get money showing concepts, sooner or later you have to bend metal.

There is nothing in the article. It’s pointless marketing mumbo jumbo

All I can say is. Thank god tesla doesn’t operate like this.

Yep, you’re willing to be their guinea pigs on testing. As much as I like Tesla (and I honestly do – I was considering the Model 3), I’d rather wait for a quality finished product than a 1/2 @ssed one. I’ve read and heard a lot of positive about the Model 3 but there are also some bad experiences (i.e. water filling up the frunk).

But at least I can buy something. With VW I got nothing PERIOD.

Not yet, but they’re lining things up nicely

In Europe I can buy 5 cars/vans that is electric, from the VW group..

CDAVIS Audi Prediction.

2019-2021: Limited production a few EV models using the shared VW MEB platform… learn from that. Fast Charge networks (EA and others) getting built out to support future volume production Audi EVs. Audi concept EVs galore. Audi looses 20% its market share to Tesla.

2022-2024: Expand use of MEB platform to more Audi models (perhaps an improved v2 MEB)… transition to higher production volume. ICE still primary Audi focus. Audi looses another 15% its market share to Tesla.

2025-2028:: Transition to Audi selling more EVs than ICE. Audi looses another 10% its market share to Tesla.

2029-2030: Last Audi ICE sold.

5 Audi EVs in production, or coming soon. Don’t think Tesla is that lucky.
We’ll see soon enough. Just over the next 5 years we’ll see which way it is heading.

Looks like there will be about 75+ models to choose from in 2025 from various brands.

Will be interesting to see how much choise we have, even in 2020-2021. Development speed has picked up. The first cars that have been under development for 4-5 years are starting production, or factories are installing assy’ lines and tooling.

Just spotted an Audi Q2 electric doing winter testing in Sweden. Maybe it’s the normal size, or the slightly stretched version for China.
So. . Ready in about 1-2 years.. I guess.