Arcimoto Flaunts Its First FUV At The LA Auto Show

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The Arcimoto Signature Series FUV at the 2017 LA Auto Show

Last week, Arcimoto was popping bottles while also metaphorically smashing them across the bow of its first of ten “Signature Series” three-wheeled, all-electric vehicles, which it has christened the FUV (the “F” stands for fun. No really, it does). This week? It’s proudly displaying that result of ten years of development (and redevelopment) for all the world to see at the LA. Auto Show.

Arcimoto Signature Series FUV from the driver’s seat

If you’ve seen pictures of this Oregon outfit’s vehicle in the past (previously named the SRK), it probably looks a little familiar. Well, looks can be deceiving. Borrowing the page titled “kaizen” from Toyota, Arcimoto practices continuous development, and so, after torturing its alpha-build trikes for the past couple years, it’s taken the time to make serious improvements while reengineering every component for mass production.

The result is an FUV that’s better in any number of ways. Despite boasting a 19.2 kWh battery that holds double the energy of the earlier SRK builds, the tunnel that runs down the spine of the vehicle and encloses the pack is about four inches narrower, greatly improving ingress and egress. Other key differences include greatly improved driving dynamics. Reconfigured front suspension geometry, along with an overhaul of its hydraulic braking system, has greatly reduced stopping distance and “dive.” A stiffer swaybar makes cornering much flatter.

The improvements won’t stop there either. Plans are already in place to swap a new motor design into the next 50-unit batch of vehicles. Founder and CEO of this now public company, Mark Frohnmayer, tells us this new technology from supplier SME offers the best traits of permanent magnet and induction designs. While he didn’t go into detail for fear of stepping on his non-disclosure agreement, we assume he’s talking about the synchronous reluctance internal permanent magnet motor (SRIPM) that SME has started touting with claims, among other things, of up to 95 percent efficiency.

When its done dusting off the glitter of the LA show, it’s back to work for this small but globally ambitious team. With around 2,000 reservations in hand that it plans to deliver on in 2018, it also needs to spend some effort on the fabrication process itself. It not only wants to increase output capacity to 10,000 examples of its unique city transporter in 2019, but create a replicable system that can be exported to the different markets that it wants to address. This will help with the affordability of a machine that starts at $11,900 in the U.S..

If you want to join the Arcimoto party, we suggest you start by watching Frohnmayer address his grand opening audience, with some shots of both previous and current generations of its signature vehicle sprinkled throughout. You’ll find a full gallery of photos of the first Signature Series FUV on its LA Show pedestal just below that.


Source: Arcimoto

Images: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs

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6 responses to "Arcimoto Flaunts Its First FUV At The LA Auto Show"

  1. Tom says:

    Pizza delivery just got a coolness upgrade

  2. Ziv says:

    Looks like a fun trike, doubt they will have much of a market until they get the price under $10k by a good amount, though. I hope they sell enough to keep improving the vehicle and the price!
    Elio and Arcimoto are in a cage match to the death! And my money is on Arcimoto.

    1. Dav8or says:

      Not really. Elio is not for real and never will be. If you price out either the Polaris Slingshot, or the Can-Am Spider, or any side by side quad you will see that it is actually not a bad deal, or at the least not out of line. Even a quality upscale golf cart is pretty pricy these days.

      The problem with this design isn’t cost, but rather it’s design and lack of utility . There are hundreds of communities around the country, and even more world wide that routinely use golf carts as transportation. I live in such a community. However this vehicle uses tandem seating and that makes cargo space limited. In addition, people really would rather ride side by side if given the choice.

      By placing the passenger up front side by side, the rear is freed up for cargo. Yes, this would make the vehicle less aerodynamic, but for the kind of mission that this trike would be used, high speed travel is not the most likely use of it and any resulting reduction in range I believe would be acceptable.

      Because of the design they have chosen, I don’t expect this to sell all that well. They really aught to offer a side by side version as well with the same drive train. I bet it would outsell the tandem at least 3:1.

      1. wavelet says:

        Actually, it’s a combination of cost, functionality & safety. Until/if Elio succeed in getting the Federal gov’t to recognize a new “autocycle” category, there are no crash safety standards this type of vehicle can be tested against; they are considered motorcycles, that is, no safety systems like cars have. I suspect they will also be considered motorcycles for insurance purposes.
        While some states will allow driving them without a helmet, I think that’s a big mistake.
        Esp. in the US, the market for 3-wheelers is tiny (and being electric doesn’t change anything) — there’s not a lot of room between motorcycle & cheap cars.
        This isn’t cheap enough, or versatile enough, for basic transportation.

  3. William says:

    The Zero Motorcycle lineup, along with the Alta Redshift SM, are going to get some more friendly faces, to add to their growing EV biker gang. The EV charging spaces, here at the Whole Foods Market parking lots, on the West Coast, should start to look more like a mini biker rally than before.

    Leather and Chains / Yoga mat and Tofu, not required, to join this biker gang!!!

    1. William says:

      Apologies for accidentally leaving out any BMW C Evolution EV scooter drivers, who show up at any of the west coast Whole Paychecks, looking for a level 2 charge, or an “EV Angeles”, biker gange rumble.

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