ABB Installed Over 10,000 Fast Chargers Globally


Nearly 10% of the total falls on Norway.

ABB boasts that so far it installed around the world more than 10,500 DC fast chargers for electric vehicles (cars, trucks and buses), across 73 countries.

It’s quite an achievement for ABB and a success story of the acquisition of the Dutch Epyon start-up in 2011, which was the foundation for the 50 kW Terra chargers. Later on, Michiel Langezaal from Epyon, become Founder & CEO of Fastned, which of course uses ABB DC fast chargers.

Interestingly, ABB notes that close to 1,000 DC fast chargers were installed in Norway, which is almost 1/10 of overall volume.

Most recently, ABB fast chargers in Norway were ordered by Circle K, which changes its gas stations into energy stations. The deal is for both 50 kW and 175 kW chargers (with an upgrade option to 350 kW).

“For Circle K, the high power chargers will help them retain their customers as more switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles. While motorists previously depended on finding a gas station to fill the tank, electric car owners can power the batteries virtually anywhere, and often in combination with a shopping trip. For gas stations, it is therefore important to be able to offer an EV charging experience that is comparative to ordinary refueling times.”

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We had to wait 30years for celphones to be whirelles charged while the technology is a basics of electricity and the reason we have EVies. How long untill companies start lmplementing it ?

It will probably be soon, but my guess is that it will start with low power AC units. It makes the most sense for office buildings, hotels/motels, and parking garages.

It’s not efficient and would require an insane setup also on the car side for high power. So not for fast charging ever, but low power charging at home or public places would make sense.

“into energy stations.”

When it covers both gasoline and electric, the correct term is filling stations.