2014 Nissan LEAF Road Trip With Live Tracking- 1,500-Mile Journey Begins September 1


Trip route map. Click to zoom. Campsites are marked with the night(s) we’ll be at each.

Trip route map. Click to zoom. Campsites are marked with the night(s) we’ll be at each.

On September 1st, Trish and I will depart our home in Bellingham, WA, near the Canadian border, and begin our 1,500+ mile journey south to the California border, and back, in a 100% electric Nissan LEAF. And you’ll be able to track us live!

This is not a race, it is just an opportunity for us to take time away from the daily grind, explore a small corner of the world, and show that it can be done in a LEAF. We’ll be camping almost every night. After we completed a similar trip last year, we decided it had to be done again, since it was so much fun!

*Editor’s Note: This post appears on Tyrel’s blog.  Check it out here.

New for this year, I have developed a web site that will display our live location, battery charge level, and more. We encourage you to load up the site and follow along on our journey! It will automatically update our position once per minute while we’re driving, assuming we have adequate cellular signal. Check it out at ZEroadtrip.com.

The general route starts by going down I-5 from Bellingham, WA to the California border. Near the California border, on Saturday, September 6th, we will be showing our car at the Southern Oregon Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Show in Ashland! We’re sure to encounter a lot of great people there. Then we will head back up a bit and over to the Oregon Coast. We’ll follow the coast up to Astoria, and finally head back home via I-5.

We will also post regular updates to Twitter @ZEroadtrip and will write daily blog posts here as well. Blog posts may be posted a day late in some cases depending on where we can find an Internet connection.

If you are interested in meeting up with us somewhere along our journey, you can comment below or tweet @ZEroadtrip and we’ll be in touch. Or, track us on the map and meet us at a charging station! We’ll be stopping at every one on the map, even if we don’t need it. We’ll be driving a silver 2013 Nissan LEAF SL (on the right on the photo below).

*For a recap of Tyrel and Trish’s 2013 road trip, click here.

**Editor’s Note: Tyrel Haveman is President of the North Sound Electric Vehicle Association. The North Sound Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) is a chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA), a non-profit organization that has promoted electric vehicles since 1967. North Sound EVA was formed to enhance awareness of electric vehicles in Northwest Washington State, including the counties of Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom, Island, and San Juan.

Our two Nissan LEAFs in front of our solar array.

Our two Nissan LEAFs in front of our solar array.

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It does look like a lot of fun. Take lots of pictures and don’t forget the bug spray! 🙂

Best of luck!

We will be sure to do both! Last year I got devoured by bugs on only our first day of camping. Don’t want a repeat of that, thank you!


Just went to your tracking web site. That’s pretty cool.

Good luck, and thanks for doing it!


I like the site – good idea. Have a great trip.


Best wishes to you, hope you have a safe and pleasant trip.

If possible, please document your range and charging experiences as those pertain most to the EV experience.

Your blog sounds like you are a reasonable driver – not one of those crazy record setters that creep like a turtle on the road to the annoyance of other drivers. Folks like that actually do a disservice to the EV world.

I will definitely be keeping all the data and will report on it along the way and afterward. You are correct that we aren’t going to try to creep like a turtle, as much as possible. My goal is to plan to get to my destination by driving normally and with at least 20% battery remaining. This is why we aren’t trying to go more than a mile or so into California, where the West Coast Electric Highway doesn’t exist.


This is so cool. Have a safe trip along one of the most scenic roads in North America. We will be following your 100% petrol free motoring adventure. We live in Canada (in London, Ontario) and we’ve recently traded an ICE vehicle for a Nissan Leaf. We love 100% electric motoring. Have a great trip.


My wife and I now want to take a trip from Los Angeles to Sam Francisco and back in our Leaf – you are an inspiration!

That’s really cool – I might borrow Idea and create a Red State Refugee interactive road trip –