2014 First Half – Best Selling Electric Cars Worldwide – All Models!

AUG 26 2014 BY MARK KANE 16

World EV sales - June 2014 – (credit to EV Sales Blog)

World EV sales – June 2014 – (credit to EV Sales Blog)

Again, based on EV Sales Blog, we take a look at the best selling electric cars in the first half of 2014, but this time on the worldwide sales level, instead of just Europe.

First of all, June brings a new sales record of nearly 30,000 plug-in vehicles (even without data from all countries).

As it turns out, the Tesla Model S was second best selling EV in June.  However, the undisputed leader is Nissan LEAF at close to 5,000 sales in June.

First half of the year 2014

In the whole first half of the year, Nissan delivered some 27,000 LEAFs. This is almost twice as much as the second place Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and third place Tesla Model S.  However, LEAF is available almost everywhere, so this is not valid comparison.

Toyota Prius Plug-In seems to be fourth and is the last EV above the 10,000-unit mark, while Chevrolet Volt with all its brothers and sisters (Holden Volt, Opel and Vauxhall Ampera) almost reached 10,000.

In China, BYD Qin seems to be selling at a comparable pace to the Ford Fusion Energi in US. BMW i3 climbs up and exceeded 5,000 units.

In total, 136,000 electric vehicles were counted.  However, not all of them are real cars (like Twizy or Chinese Kandi EVs).

EV sales by brands

World EV sales - June 2014 – (credit to EV Sales Blog)

World EV sales – June 2014 – (credit to EV Sales Blog)

EV Sales Blog provides some insight for brands.

Nissan remain the leader.  However, thanks to some MiEVs, Mitsubishi reduced the distance by ~ 2,000.

Real changes comes from place fifth where Ford outstripped Chevrolet!

Renault went up and is ahead of BYD and BMW.

Three Japanese brands (Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota) with more than 55,000 have 40% market share.

US represented by Tesla, Ford and Chevrolet with some 36,000 have ~26%.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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Wow.. It’s hard to believe the outlander PHEV is the second best selling plug-in car in the world, and yet we still don’t have it here in the USA!

This was my reaction, as well.

One can only imagine what will happen when SUV-enthralled Americans get their hot little hands on this model. Mitsu could have one heck of a hit on their hands, assuming they don’t get stupid and limit production, etc.

Maybe they will even sell enough to light a fire under GM…?

Sounds like they will and are also lining up for the Tesla X 100% Electric SUV. With world wide FREE Super Charging it will be impossible to beat.

Automobile prices are lower in the USA, and the current Outlander is expensive to manufacture. Look for a beancounter version of the Outlander, just for the USA.

Prices are lower in the usa because othes countries tax their citizens up to and sometimes more then the suggested retail price, not because the manufacturers make any more profits outside the USA. Your comment represents a misunderstanding of the actual financial situation. And several of you others need to consider the European and Asian tax schedule on vehicles outside of the USA. It is a nightmare.

Yeah, that is quite odd. I suspect they realize that they have a hit on their hands and they are trying to polish it and make it even better before launching in the USA. If they improve the looks, that Outlander PHEV could be a huge hit in the USA.

And more importantly, it will finally force the hand of GM and other companies to start making their own SUV/CUV PHEVs.


I’m going to guess that when the Outlander gets to the States, it will look unappealing.
Sure it will perform the same but Mitsu is going to redesign the outer skinz.

The Outlander phev isn’t in the US yet because of battery supply constraints, at the current sales level they just don’t have the capacity to produce another 2.000 plus units/month that americans would demand.

Too high of EV demand and constraied battey production seems to be a shared problem between the top 3 PEV makers. Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Tesla all are currently working to increase battery supply lines.

Why not a “Terafactory” to supply all of them? 😀

One factory is not enough. We need to be building 10 gigafactories now, 100 in the next 10 years. With solar & wind power, demand shifing, electric cars/trucks/trains etc. there is room in the market for many manufacturers.

I don’t think Tesla or Nissan are that squeezed for batteries just yet. Both expanded production earlier this month.


BYD is in the top 10?!?!?!?!?

Another success for Warren Buffet.

“However, not all of them are real cars (like Twizy or Chinese Kandi EVs).”

Why wouldn’t the Kandi EV be considered a real car? Just because it’s not stereotypical doesn’t mean it disqualifies it as a car.

The great news for me is that, the plug in market is now a several hundred cars market world wide, and is still going stong.

with the growing numbers, there will be more and more money to invest in it, and the technology will keep improving at fast pace.