Volkswagen Starts Final Countdown To Phase Out Of Gas, Diesel

DEC 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 28

The last internal combustion engine is to be launched in 2026.

According to the latest news, Volkswagen plans to introduce the last generation of combustion engines in the year 2026. It will be produced for some time, but there will be no new generations afterwards.

The German manufacturer will focus on electric cars, which in volume will be produced from 2020 (using all-new MEB platform for double-digit models under several brands).

“In the year 2026 will be the last product start on a combustion engine platform,” Michael Jost (VW’s strategy chief) told the Handelsblatt automotive summit conference at Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The decision shows us how big a transformation is ahead for Volkswagen and other manufacturers.

Source: Reuters

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Pessimists keep claiming that no way EVs will take over before 2040 or so — yet this shows that even conservative VW doesn’t believe any longer that combustion cars will be relevant beyond the early 30s at most!

Compared to every other big carmaker, other than Tesla of course, VW might be the most into EVs.

Just look at Toyota, Ford, or Mazda. EV fans complain that VW is just talk, most other OEMs aren’t even talk, unless you count talking down EVs.

Yeah, I don’t really understand the VW bashing or “conservative” talk they always get. They have multiple cars in the pipe and being built, more announced, and most of them are exciting. Are they offering an ugly, odd looking beast that nobody will buy? Are they planning to hide a few compliance cars?

No! Audi has flagship cars coming, VW has plans to bring a huge pile of models and end ICE development, and Porche has one of the nicest looking cars in decades being built as we type.

…and then someone says they have a lot of concept cars (oh no?) and mentions diesel and I guess we are all meant to go buy a Mazda. It weird.

I think what people (like me) bash is the ever-moving bar of timelines by VW. Basically, it’s “enough already,” produce something.

Exactly. VW’s constant stream of EV vaporware isn’t doing anything to advance the EV revolution. When it comes to EVs, does “VW” stand for “Volkswagen” or for “VaporWare”?

We’re tired of VW constantly bragging about what they are going to do in making and selling compelling EVs… and never following through.

Actions speak louder than words.

In 10 years no one will want an ICE car, maybe a few PHEVs will still be desirable but by then it will be so obvious that EVs are a superior tech and batteries will be cheap enough that the market will flip. That said it’s hard to imagine that everyone will scrap their relatively new ICE cars so they will be around for many years after that. VW finally seems to get it, as do several others but they can’t give up their gas guzzler cash cows just yet. Tesla has no such legacy problem so the question becomes how much market share are they willing to give up? At this point it seems like plenty as none are selling anything as good.

Not everyone lives in Norway or California. There will be plenty of countries around the world with a significant amount of fossil car sales in 2026. And there will also be niches and some use cases that even with 2026 battery technology can’t be served by EVs.

The EU is requiring that CO2 emissions from transportation to be 40% below 1990 emissions by 2030.
While Trump is now going to allow new coal plants to be built without carbon capture. So the Orange one is still trying his base. It may be a mistake for a utility to not have carbon capture, since 2020 will arrive before the plant is completed

It’s probably going to be some company like VW to finally drive the price point down so that will actually happen.

Yes, indeed.

Much as I’m a fan of Tesla, I don’t expect to see the first “everyman” EV, the first sub-$25k street-legal, highway-capable, 4-wheeled automobile come from Tesla.

How long is a generation of engine generally produced for? 5 years? 10 years? Longer?

If the final engine is introduced in 2026, it seems likely that it’ll exit production several years before 2040, which will inherently mean that BEVs will make up 100% of new Volkswagen sales years before 2040.

If you not only look at passenger vehicles engine lifetimes are much longer. Some of the TDI engines are used in tankettes, drones, boats and other military stuff. They plan on much longer timelines then just 10 years and they really don’t fancy the idea of having stuff changed in between model years. Supplying troops in the field is hard enough without worrying about different versions of essentially the same thing.

It varies. For example the EA888 VAG performance 2.0 Turbo engine can be directly traced back to 2008, but indirectly even further. Normal practice is to release an engine, then continue development and bring out a technical update or evolution with a vehicles mid life face lift, often around 3 to 6 years. They will keep evolving and can often see two life cycles with an evolution between each stage, so potentially over 15 years in one form or another.

Final generation is a broad term, it could mean the last new design or it could mean a final development. At a guess i’d say either 2030, or around 2034 depending what they mean. Nobody knows what will happen in that 10 to 15 years period though, there could be more resistance to EV’s causing them to extend production or there could be huge demand causing them to stop sooner, so it’s all guess work really.

Chrysler produced basically the same small block V8 from 1964-2003. There was one partial redesign sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, but just about all the parts were interchangeable. So these things can stick around for a really long time.

I think it will be economics that kill the ICE. Once the market share becomes small enough you end up with a ton of overhead supporting an ever shrinking population. Imaging trying to find a competent mechanic to fix your ICE car in 2030. It is nearly impossible to do that now, but it is only going to get worse when nobody wants to train for a job with no future or spend their day covered in grime from working on some greasy lump.

This reminds me a quote from economics that is something like change never comes as quickly as predicted but once it starts the rate is faster than than predicted

There is a lot of difference between talking and doing. VW does more talk than anyone. They have nothing close to the best ev out there. And of all companies we are supposed to believe vw? I am hoping it is the truth but I will have to see it.

I think it is good that they are talking about this. If a big company like VW announces that they are already planning a phase out of ICE cars, others will take notice.

They have also done more “doing” than anyone not named Tesla, but for some reason most commenters aren’t interested in that…

Okay, you have a point. Taken together, European sales of the VW e-Golf, the Passat GTE, and the Golf GTE, did — barely — outsell the Renault Zoe last year, while falling short of Tesla combined Model S & X sales.

Still, I don’t see many people getting excited about VW’s current EV offerings, nor see VW’s EVs spawning would-be imitators.

Strange to see all the down-votes. Clarity is bang on the mark.

VW keeps churning out an enormous volume of vaporware about putting EVs into production, with almost no follow-through at all. We have every reason to strongly doubt VW’s latest claims about EVs mean any more than all the previous ones.

Actions speak louder than words.

Well, I guess they are going to make their “Ideal Engine” for gas or diesel by then and not innovate further. However, they may decide to simply OEM an engine from some time after their 2026 engine design is over (like maybe that amazing Mazda ICE engine, LOL). Until they lay off that design team or discuss transitioning those gas-builders, this has no teeth. Knowing the German labor force, this should be a union dispute before anyone should take it seriously.

All it will take is one of the large, legacy LICE auto OEMs to transition in earnest and it will start a domino effect that will rock the LICE world of the other laggards.

Talk talk talk. But no EV VW available in my area today. Oh Well. I hope they can do it, but I don’t think Tesla is worried yet. VW probably is very worried, it is a huge shift to their business model and I am not sure they understand all of bits yet. So many employees resist from the inside in my experience. 🙁

“Talk talk talk…” Do people on these boards have zero real life experience? Do you really think a company the size of the combined VW, Audi, Porsche company (ignoring the several other companies) can just announce on Friday that they are changing their entire core business model and be running a week from Tuesday? Do you know what it is like to make a major change in a large company? Do you know that even if they dedicate fully to become an EV only company it will take at least a decade to do so? Do you know that with a massive current customer base and product development that takes years that if they simply dropped everything today it would bankrupt the company? “but I don’t think Tesla is worried yet” Why would they be? If the models the VAG has planned for 2019 and 2020 and 2021 all went on sale next Monday in all markets with full availability, most of the buyers would be people who would have bought an ICE car otherwise anyway. Why would that affect Tesla at all? Why do all of you seem to think this is a zero sum game? “VW probably is… Read more »

“Do you really think” is often a good place to stop when dealing with anonymous internet posters…

But I happen to think VW is what it looks like when a legacy auto maker goes all in on BEVs…
They have designed new platforms, they have got their unions approval, they have had their EU dealer network sign new pro EV contracts, they have signed billions and billions worth of battery contracts to get the battery companies to build new factories, they are transatiining multiple ICE vehicle plants to BEV plants, they have concrete roll out plans told to their shareholders and the world…

What VW has announced in the last couple of months should be sending all legacies into redesigning and moving forward their own BEV plans…

“Tesla… can’t make a car that opens its doors in the winter!”

Gosh, I’m sure that will be a surprise to absolutely everyone who drives any Tesla car. 🙄

Some of us have been paying attention, and we realize that VW has been almost nothing but “talk talk talk” about making and selling compelling EVs in significant numbers. Maybe you think we should ignore VW’s habit of merely paying lip service to the EV revolution, but those of us paying attention do not.

Please read and quote accurately. First of all he speaks about the launch of a platform. Secondly he speaks about a pure combustion engine, so combustion-electric hybrids are still in the mix, meaning combustion engines will be sold long after. I think 2040 is given as the last date for combustion engines. Still big news thou…

“VW Starts Final Countdown to Start Considering Phasing Out of Gas, Diesel.”

“VW Starts Final Countdown To Phase Out Of Gas , Diesel”…. AS They Continue Building Gas & Diesel Vehicles , As We Speak & Read This … l m a o ……….. How Much More of This Unbelievable “BS” Can we Take .. lol . …………. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂