Watch Tesla Model 3 Take On Porsche GT2 RS In Epic Race: Video


There can be just one winner.

Formula 1 star Nico Rosberg presents this brilliant and, at times rather humorous, drag race featuring a Tesla Model 3 and a Porsche GT2 RS.

It’s a race on the Monaco pier. Can the instant torque and all-wheel-drive of the Tesla Model 3 Performance beat the might of the Porsche GT2 RS? The finish is extremely close. Mind you, this is a Model 3 and not the Model S P100D, so it’s not a given the Tesla will win this race.

We should point out that the Porsche GT2 RS costs close to $300,000 in base trim. It cranks out 690 HP. Compare that to the Model 3 Performance, which checks in at just a tick below $60,000 with only 450 HP. So, on paper then, it should be no contest.

In reality, the matchup is extremely close. Watch to see which car wins to 100 KM/H (62 MPH) by just a few feet.

Video description:

Tesla vs. Porsche

Electric vs. Combustion

We staged THE single most epic 0-100 DRAG RACE on the Monaco pier!!! Check it out!

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Porsche is a car! Model 3 is an iPad sofa!! How can someone compare a Porsche GT2 with an battery car at all?? You think its all about aceleration?? How old are you guys here??? Go on the race track dont just compare acceleration all over the place!??

You think it’s all about gas and noise..?

Not all noise . Can we agree there is something between silence and way too loudddd? It’s also about feel, steering feel, handling etc..

Its sad that the best car in the world can’t even beat a IPad sofa. Even sadder, a car company that is been engineering cars for almost 100 years gets schooled by a car company thats been around 10 years.

“Its sad that the best car in the world can’t even beat a IPad sofa. ”


except that the porsche does 2,7s to 100km/h, the tesla needs 3,7s. video is straight up fake news

Yes and the Porsche is a competition car, two places, cost 4 times more an$ designed only for racing, the sofa with iPad can beat it carrying a dog at the same time, hahaha. What pain for petrol heads.

I want electric cars to take over but people like you is why I hate Tesla.You know nothing about cars and there are some who like Porsche AND electric cars.

Yes people like me was told “you don’t know anything about horses 100 years ago” Don’t hate Tesla just be open minded to changes. And I use to own a Porsche 911 and I love the new Porsche EV. I just moved on from old technologies.

I like old and new . Tesla makes cars , comparing cars to horses is a lot different than cars to …ummm….cars. I expect to have have a BEV as my daily driver and probably an older ICEV for fun. The hate comes from the combination of condescension and victim status of tesla fans.

Model 3 Performance is 3,4 spec, check your facts instead of spreading incorrect information. More and more people get aware that Tesla’s perform a lot better in practice than even faster ICE cars (are on paper). In a Tesla even a grandma can do the job.
In The Netherlands the Model S Performance (0-100 km/h in 2,6s) is around € 110.000 Full Option incl. 8 cameras Autopilot and ready for self driving, and due to OTA Updates it gets better over time. The Porsche is around € 345.000 and you still have to fuel, and gets worse over time.

Ummmm the model 3 can beat it in a short drag race and that’s about it on the performance front.

Sure and some diesel car can go for 600 miles, so what’s better? Before electric cars the measure was 0-100 Km/h 0-60 mph, now the pool keep be moving for gasoline cars.

Oh so no 1/4 mile? I think most adults who like performance cars value a lot more the 0-60. Are you a hormone addled teenager?

Track Test Example 1:
This time the Model 3 clocked in at 1:21.49, a significant improvement over the car’s previous 1:23.90. This beats the time set by the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio of 1:22.78 from the previous month. It even bests the time set by the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia (1:22.30) and matches the time of the 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4.”

Track Test Example 2:
“Tesla Model 3 Performance v Ferrari 488 GTB v BMW M3 v Nissan GTR v Mercedes-AMG C63 v NIO ES8 China”
Track times:
Nissan GTR 1:15.23
Ferrari 488 GTB 1:16.31
Model 3 1:18.62
Mercedes C63 1:20.23
BMW M3 1:22.67
NIO ES8 1:25.72
BYD Tang 1:39.98

From which year die you come from?

It is just Nico Rosberg, he doesn’t know anything about “going on the track”. This guy has never ever driven really fast cars, total noooob.

OK, the guy who drove the Porsche won the F1 championship 2016 beating Hamilton in the same car .
So WHO are you to tell us what we are allowed to compare?

Cry baby cry……

Had to google the price for the Porsche GT2 RS and it’s starting at 295K, You can buy 4 Model 3s performance with all the options included for that price.. And still have cash left over to insure the 4 Model 3s..

Two cars are in a different class… better comparison is Roadster 2 and GT2 RS. I’d like to see a proper track race against those two.

Well, the Roadster 2 will blow the GT2 RS completely away and is still much cheaper. GT2 RS is a nice car, but the time of ICE cars is over. Porsche will build absolutely great EVs, I have no doubt.

Yet another EV vs ICE drag race. Isn’t the result always the same?
I’d like to see a proper race instead of more drags.
I’m writing this comment as the GT2-RS is being put through its paces on the latest episode of Top Gear (UK).
While I appreciate the engineering that has gone into making it do its stuff, I’d never buy one in a million years. It is a dinosaur amongst all other 911 dinosaurs.

The porsche has no grip on the pier cause it’s not awd. Prolly any awd would have won against the Porsche on that pier

Could we get some “Hot or Not?” or “Would you Hit It?” comparisons this site? These cars vids are getting boring.

The Porsche does the 1/4 mile in 9.72, a full two seconds faster than a model 3 performance so this is stone cold gibberish.

Next up the Performance Model S against a Taycan?

Gt2rs is not a dragster. Why not compare formula one towing capacity to a pick up truck, or a Ferrari 488 to a minivan for number of people it can carry….

It’s called cherry picking

Owning and driving Porsche cars is not about driving in a straight line and never has been. Even though I doubt the results it really doesn’t matter to me as I would own the Porsche hands down. It is a drivers car full of emotional feedback not the case in the EV cars.
For those EV fans all the power to you. If the feedback of the winding road or the aural response of a NA or F1 engine is not your thing I respect that but it does not check the boxes for me.

How embarrassing for Nico that he keeps mispronouncing PORSCHE as sounding like an area in front of your house called a PORCH that that is used to sit down to drink tea and relax.
Nico sounds quite ignorant here repeating the mistake over and over again.

Hey Nico, Let me dumb it down for you…
pronounce it like “POOR-SHAAAHH” 😉

Also, I’m sure if the superior driver Lewis Hamilton was driving the Porsche instead of you then we would have seen a more interesting result 😉
At least we know Lewis Hamilton knows how to pronounce the name proper… so much that he has added it to his collection…