See Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Up Close In New Video


An up-close walkaround video of the electric pickup in Colorado.

The Rivian R1T electric pickup was out on display a while back in Aspen, Colorado. We presented the R1T in both image and video form from its time in Aspen, but now we’ve come across a brand new video of the electric truck.

This particular video is noteworthy in that it presents the R1T in a very up close format. We get to see the electric truck many nifty features, including its full pass-through, under-cab storage area.

Additionally, we get a rather good look at the charging door, it’s operation and the charging ports, too.

Then, as the video takes us around the back of the R1T electric truck, we see snowboards on a pretty slick-looking rear cab rack.

There are interior views of the R1T too. Inside, you get an all-too-brief look at those fancy seats we presented here not long ago.

And would you look at that massive frunk. That’s covered, secure storage for ya.

Grab an up-close look at the Rivian in the video above.

Video description:

Footage of the Rivan R1T

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Haha! Looked like Twiggy from ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” was running the camera. Not exactly an ‘Alex on Autos’ moment.

He was so busy trying to get footage of the truck that he missed great opportunities to ask questions to the engineer. It is rare an engineer is at an event like that, usually sales and marketing. Engineers are more likely to excitedly talk about details 😉

I’m pretty sure he successfully squeezed the charging speed details out of that engineer… [ 200 kw via CCS ] I don’t think I’ve heard that number yet. I’m glad these guys are out there and setting the standards high for BEV trucks. I do not want a F-150 BEV with 80 miles of range!

What if that F-150 with 80 mile range is $40k and not starting at double the price?

“What if that F-150 with 80 mile range is $40k ”

If it includes a REX option then you’ll have a Winner. A REX would address the legit shortfalls of a short range BEV

beeeeeedeie, beeedie, beeeeeeedie

I hope they incorporate a way to open the frunk w/out having to use a phone app, or the screen in the car. It’s a PITA on the Model 3, so I never use my frunk.

Bummer on the 3 frunk…I would bet Rivian has a key fob with Frunk and maybe mid-trunk (Munk?) open options.

Musk needs to put a “Munk” on the Tesla Truck!

Musk Have A Munk!

Sounds like optional key fob lets you open the trunk? Not sure from site, but says double tap on front or back of fob to open trunk. Sounds like that will open the frunk if you tap on the hood.

I use my frunk often. It is true that you have your hands full when you need it, plus closing it results in palm/hand smudges on your nice clean hood*. I liken it to using your own shopping bags at the grocery and drug store. Laws currently changed in my area and retailers offer you no plastic shopping bags. Paper bags with handles cost you 5-20 cents apiece. So we buy reusablle bags and I constantly forget to A) place them back in the car after unloading them at home B) Remember to open the trunk and bring them into the establishment when just popping in for a couple of items. Retraining your brain after age 50 seems to be a bit harder after 30+ years of habits. I have a Post It note on my dash reading: “Don’t Forget To Take In Shopping Bags”. Same with the frunk. If you pop open the frunk with your app while checking out or while grabbing your bags in tbe cart, before you get to your Tesla, using the frunk works better. Naturally, an app that doesn’t take 30 seconds to load, or a kick switch under both front and rear stowage… Read more »

I was thinking if there was a way to use the front facing camera. You could give the camera a certain gesture to open the frunk. Obviously there would be conditions attached to this, such as car parked, and phone within range. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could wave your hand over your hood, and the frunk opens up? You could even say “Open Sesame!”

Would love it if they would make this in a 2 door version, with a 6.5′ bed.

This vehicle is NOT a working truck. It is meant for goat-ropers.
Hopefully, they will produce a decent working truck. If below 50K, I think that they would own the market as long as they were only EV. Obviously, once Tesla hits it with a work truck, then competition will start.
But so far, ford and GM are out of this.

Still waiting for someone to show me how the trailer hitch is mounted in these trucks. It will need a beefy class V hitch in order to live up to that 11000 pound towing capacity.

Yeah, me too. Looks like there is a rectangular area in the bumper that might accommodate a receiver hitch. Hope so.

I think that is where the rear license plate would go.

I have a boring question. What type of jack will be supplied to change a flat. A spare tire is an option and this is a very heavy platform. I did comment on another forum that a motor home lift for leveling would be interesting to do the task but there are many issues to kill that idea.

Hot tip for next video….try editing.
Also, nobody has said what the bidy will be made of.

Right away, my first fears and incllnations about Rivian’s inability to penetrate the market are reinforced by their choice to show the truck at Aspen. This is a place for the very wealthy. If you don’t have rolls of money you don’t belong there. Does the world need a great EV pickup truck? ABSOLUTELY! Does the world need a $100,000 EV pickup truck? NOT REALLY. My concern is they will go for the Land Rover status crowd. Ford , GM and FCA/RAM can sleep comfortably in their beds if Rivian has come all this way to make 30,000 luxo EVs per year for rich folk. VIA Motors won’t even try to sell it’s $88,000 VIATRUX EREV truck to common folk. It was a commercial only play. A visit to their website reveals the pickup truck is gone and only a van is available today. The strategy of Rivian may be trying to follow Tesla’s example of providing mind-blowing quickness and new capability of EVs to the pickup truck crowd. It is a big crowd and yes, some do dish out $70,000 for a top model pickup drenched in leather and chrome. EVs need to penetrate the heart of the market.… Read more »

Well, as one commenter has said, this Rivian company has a history , so this is obviously part of the PR campaign.. . All I can say is it looks better than Atlis, which hasn’t even bothered to make a truck.

But your point is well – taken.

as a startup, you need high margin at first to help recoup development costs. selling 35k trucks in high volume would overwhelm a startup with small mfg footprint.. so, i understand what they are doing. plus.. ford, gm, etc WILL eventually show up to the EV party.. and Rivian would get creamed.. by making a play for a upper tier niche ‘adventure’ SUTs, their market may be the better long term play.

With Amazon’s 700 million investment!! Rivian will excel all expectations!! Nice Truck!

For that area behind the rear seat, somebody should develop a toolbox that slides in-out. Think of it as replacing the utlity box that most trucks have in their bed.