Tesla Model S Render Is Aggressively Rad, Raw & Sporty


Rad may be an understatement.

Seen here is a render of the next-generation Tesla Model S. It’s radically different from today’s Model S, but we must admit we’re truly in love with the shape and sportiness of the S seen here.

It is by far the most striking render of a Model S we’ve ever laid eyes on.

What we see here a super sleek sedan that seems highly focused on performance. It’s got that widebody appearance and it’s definitely very low slung. Let’s just call it what it is – a Model S on steroids.

Just the other day, we presented a Tesla Roadster rendered as a shooting brake (wagon). We followed that up by showing a Model S interior render with the curviest dash screen ever seen.

But these renders take top honors. This is what the next-gen Model S should look like. At least that’s what we think. Do you?

Next-Gen Tesla Model S Renders

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Source: Emre Husmen via Behance

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37 Comments on "Tesla Model S Render Is Aggressively Rad, Raw & Sporty"

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How about keep the body panels simple to manufacture and bring the price down?

Majority of the cost is the battery.

Similar battery size in the Model 3 yet the car costs 40% as much as the S.

Oh you sweet summer child…

I have talked to the graphic artist and he said he will draw lower prices in upcoming works.

Needs a sport wagon so I have room for my dogs. The X is ugly.


Same rendition last year

It looks like a Chevy.

Looks like they are taking styling cues from the BMW i8

I can see that. Put a bowtie on and call it good.

The headlights remind me of the Cadillac drawing.

An electric Camaro! Hey! Someone’s got to make one since Chevy could not be bothered. 😐

Too many sharp cut angles .. Needs to be toned down , otherwise v-nice!

What’s with the big dorky black smile across the bottom?

And WTF are those things hanging off the ends of the headlight pods?

Looks nicer if you’re still nine years old, I guess.

Decent enough for an aftermarket company, maybe. Different for the sake of difference, and playing up to the childish machismo that saturates the body kits out there claiming to be tuner mods. But not quite XTREME enough for that crowd, I suspect.

Bubble gum, short burst of flavour.. past 20 seconds just looks like a modder’s take on design. Looks cheap.

Pretty much standard auto industry current evolved Korean L.A. studio design.

B…b…but it has a grill! Like an ICE! *whimper*

The actual model S as a ”grill” too. It’s a spoiler made to create down force while accelerating


Bad design. Looks like a gas guzzler from the 1970’s

Hey, they’ve made a Camaro!

The front reminds me of the Renault Talisman, the side is too wavy in my opinion. Overall there is too much going on. I like the subtle elegance of the current version better

Ugly af

Good God no.

How about getting rid fake grills ! Its a vestige and reminder of past dirty technologies and is no longer needed.Also probably doesn’t help the CD.

Makes the next roadster an ugly duck…I bet people who pre-ordered the 2.0 roadster are pissed now 🤣

God forbid that we should build anything that is timeless and designed to last.

Let’s change something cosmetic because we can, and not because it makes it a better product, but because we can tap into the ego of the consumer and potentially sell more product. This is part of the mindset of planned obsolescence consumerism. Let’s have Tesla do what every other car manufacturer does, and sell much the same car as last year, but with some different body panels to consumers who have been programmed into thinking we need a different look every year and crave this year’s model.

To some extent, this is the opposite of what Tesla is doing. They are even de-badging their cars this year. Buying a new car every year will result in higher pollution and negate all the pollution benefits of driving an e-car!

Agreed! that being said, I like what Rivian has done re: modularization. Hopefully their patents won;t prevent Tesla from doing something similar, maybe for sedans/ crossovers vs only trucks.

Was this rendered in China?

It would be awesome if they made the Model S look more sporty especially since it does have the performance to back it up.

Looks an awful lot like a Mustang.
The cars with the air exhaust at the front of the hood look nice till you are driving on a hot day and you notice all that hot air is now being sucked into the base of the windshield and inside your car.

Totally. First thing that came to mind. Looks very similar to my 2016

The black area where the Tesla “T” is placed is too large. It looks like the designer is going for a grill look up high, where none is needed.

Reminds me a bit of the old Fisker Karma

beautiful but not sure about back side

The next Model S design will be a bubble/whale with a center dash IPad. Tesla design team is subpar.

Nice mustang lol

Looks like they ripped off a Honda s-2000 to me