Tesla Model S Police Cars Delayed In Hitting The Road In Luxembourg

FEB 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe. Small enough that considering electric cars as main police vehicles is reasonable – length of the country is just over 50 miles.

Luxembourg is tiny country in Europe

This is likely why the country purchased two Tesla Model S in 2017. However, those vehicles still aren’t in use as the police force is still awaiting some approvals.

There is delay in approving the vehicles because the first one is equipped with blue emergency lights that – according to TÜV – do not fulfill technical requirements.

We hope that soon the issue will be solved this one way or another and that Luxembourg will become the first police with electric chaser.

“What is particularly interesting about Luxembourg’s Model S police cars is the fact that the vehicles, unlike other electric cars being used by law enforcement, will be deployed as standard cruisers. While electric vehicles have been in service for a while now, most of the cars end up being used by investigative teams due to limitations with the vehicle’s performance and range. With the Tesla Model S, however, these restrictions are practically nonexistent, considering that the electric car is incredibly quick and equipped with sufficient range for day-to-day patrols.”

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Another Euro point of view

This is where I live. Often more money than intelligence in Luxembourg. Reportedly each of them costs EUR 120’000. To give an idea of a “normal” budget for cars with similar characteristics used by neighboring countries: EUR 45’000 (that gives a hot hatch of about 300 HP which is plenty in such small country).

Why would you want to put police patrols inside a hot hatch – are you mad at them?

Whether you enjoy a Model S or not, having to patrol a center city beat such as Luxembourg City in one may not be the treat you imagine…