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Tesla’s 18650 Battery Cell Cut Open – Video

What’s Inside? purchased some Tesla battery modules to see what’s inside … in typically destructive fashion. We really don’t recommend to conduct such an experiment yourself, but if you are interested in what happens if your Tesla battery module is: punctured by arrow, throw from the roof cut by the axe …then…

2 months ago by Mark Kane 5

New Tesla Patent Lists Method For Charging Lithium-Air Battery

Tesla has filed an updated patent related to metal-air batteries. According to the filing, the focus is on “A method for charging a metal-air battery pack at the maximum possible rate while maintaining an ambient oxygen concentration below a preset concentration is provided, thereby minimizing the risks associated with generating…

6 months ago by Eric Loveday 0

Tesla Battery Teardown In 9 Minutes – Video

Tesla battery packs are considered state-of-the-art, and have some of the highest energy density capacity in the industry. So, it’s not a surprise that even batteries totaled in crashes have some value. In a new video, Jehu Garcia and EV West show us how Model S packs get town down…

9 months ago by Mark Kane 16

Tesla Battery Researcher, Jeff Dahn, Wins Prestigious Award

TESLA BATTERY RESEARCHER WINS AWARD [VIDEO] Jeff Dahn, a leading battery researcher for Tesla, has won the prestigious Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering. CBC News* reports that, “Jeff Dahn has played a large part in making these batteries increasingly efficient… [and] now in collaboration with electric car company Tesla,…

9 months ago by EVANNEX 8

Inside The Tesla Battery – Video

Via a relatively new You Tuber who goes by the handle of “Tesla Model 3 Owners Club,” we get this highly informative video that takes us inside the Tesla Model S battery pack. The individual cells are examined in details, as well as the cooling system that’s employed by Tesla….

2 years ago by Electric CarsTV 24

Tesla Signs 5-Year Battery Research Deal With Dalhousie University

A surprise announcement coming out of Nova Scotia, Canada: Tesla Motors signs 5-year battery technology research deal with Dalhousie University. Details of the deal come to us via Dalhousie University’s Nikki Comeau (we’ve bolded some of the highlights): Charging onward: Dahn’s next move marks first Canadian university collaboration with Tesla…

2 years ago by Eric Loveday 22

Tesla Signs A Bunch Of Battery Energy Storage Deals

An endless queue of partners joins Tesla Motors in its the new energy storage business. EnerNOC, for example, as provider of energy intelligence software (EIS), announced that it will collaborate with Tesla on the deployment and management of energy storage systems in commercial and industrial buildings. The first project already…

3 years ago by Mark Kane 27