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Tesla Model 3

Other Automaker Execs Still Don’t See Tesla As A Threat

AUTO INDUSTRY EXECUTIVES CONTINUE TO DOWNPLAY THE THREAT FROM TESLA Recently, another group of auto industry executives decided to brush off any notion that Elon Musk and company could pose a threat to their brand. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said, “We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities…

4 months ago by EVANNEX 29

Lexus Trademarks LS-FC Fuel Cell Concept

We might have to wait until December to actually see it, though. A trademark filing in the United States suggests that Lexus’ long-rumored hydrogen-fueled LS is close to a debut. The paperwork from April 24 shows the luxury brand protecting the term “LS-FC Concept” for use on “automobiles and structural…

4 months ago by Adrian Padeanu 37

Luxury Asian Automakers Ready EVs For Launch Around 2020

Lots of luxury Asian automakers are reportedly readying electric cars for production by 2020 or a bit later, according to Automotive News who states: “Lexus, Genesis, Acura and Infiniti say they are weighing electric vehicle offerings — in some cases to meet emissions rules, in others because zippy, futuristic EV…

8 months ago by Eric Loveday 6

Lexus Sees Possible Need For Electric Car In Lineup

Hell hath frozen over… Long-time electric car hater Lexus seems to be warming up to the notion that it needs a plug-in car in its lineup. In Detroit, at NAIAS 2017, Lexus General Manager Jeff Bracken stated: “We do think there’s room to fill some gaps that still exist for Lexus.”…

10 months ago by Eric Loveday 12

Lexus LF-FC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Shown At 2016 NAIAS

If you liked the look of Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept from the Tokyo Motor Show, then the 2016 NAIAS brings us the opportunity to see the car in the U.S. This is likely the only opportunity though, as the all-wheel-drive, hydrogen fuel cell, majestic flagship will not go into production….

2 years ago by Mark Kane 20

Lexus Unveils LF-FC Fuel Cell Concept

Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept is another hydrogen fuel cell from Toyota group on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. Those who counted on the all-electric cardboard car making it to production may be a bit disappointed, but let’s check out this new Lexus. This most recent concept is an all-wheel-drive limousine…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 14

Lexus Builds Cardboard Electric Car – Video

Lexus and electric car? That can’t be true after Lexus’ shots at EVs, but maybe times are changing. The Japanese luxury brand just released a cool project with origami inspired cardboard and electric drive! (yeah… engine rattle would blow the whole thing apart). Quality of the assembly seems high. A…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 11

More Lexus Hoverboard Videos

Well, now, yes, we reported a while back that Lexus played a little marketing ploy in “releasing” a nifty hoverboard that was the stuff of every one of our adolescent space-boy dreams.  Of course we poo-pooed it, because, well, Physics, but apparently Lexus took it a step further and, by…

2 years ago by Ted Dillard 6