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While German Automakers Colluded, Tesla Pursued Clean Energy

WHILE TESLA PURSUED CLEAN ENERGY, GERMAN AUTOMAKERS COLLUDED TO CHEAT ON EMISSIONS TESTS The dirty diesel debacle has entered a new chapter. All five of the the major German automakers are now under investigation by European and US authorities, accused of participating in a cartel that thwarted competition and stifled…

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Porsche May End Diesel Offerings, Switch To Electric

Porsche (as part of Volkswagen Group) also suffers from the recent Dieselgate scandal, and according to company CEO Oliver Blume, Porsche is considering whether or not to ditch diesel engines. The German brand currently diversifies its powertrain portfolio via petrol, electric and plug-in hybrids. The future of diesel to be decided…

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Volkswagen Begins Installing Chargers Under Electrify America Plan

In late June, Volkswagen’s subsidiary Electrify America (which manages a $2 billion post-dieselgate charging infrastructure plan) opened its first charging station.  So the money is being put into action quickly. In total, eight units were installed in the Washington, D.C. area last month: Pentagon City Fashion Centre in Arlington, Virginia;…

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