I took delivery of a Forest Green 2022 Rivian R1T last week and recorded the entire delivery process to give the InsideEVs community an idea of how Rivain hands over new vehicles to its customers.

Since Rivian uses a direct sales model in the US, similar to how Tesla and Lucid sell vehicles, it doesn't have dealerships to deliver new vehicles to its customers. Therefore, I thought viewers would be interested to see just how Rivian delivery takes place. I did reach out to Rivian a couple of days before the delivery and told them that I would like to make a video of the event, and make sure they didn't have any objections, not that I expected them to.

Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning

Forest Green Rivian R1T and a Black Ford F-150 Lightning

The response was simple: "Totally fine to record the experience". However, I was still a little unsure if they knew that I wanted to mic the delivery specialist and do an hour-long deep dive. But I also didn't want them to send someone that's not one of the usual delivery people just because it was going to be recorded, so I left it at that and just hoped the person would be amenable. 

Well, I lucked out and the Rivian delivery specialist, Shade, not only agreed to let me mic her up to record the delivery process, but she knocked the delivery out of the park. She spent almost two hours explaining everything to me and answering all of my questions.

If all of the Rivian delivery specialists are as well prepared and as pleasant as Shade was, I believe there will be a lot of satisfied R1T and R1S customers, well, as far as their delivery goes. 

The video starts as I wait for the R1T to arrive and transitions to Shade driving it up my driveway on a flatbed truck (She drives a truck also, what can't she do?). I then sign the required paperwork and we begin the delivery event inside the R1T, where Shade goes over all of the interior features and infotainment settings. 

After the interior lesson, we check out the frunk and portable charging cable before we head to the back of the R1T to explore the bed, including the power tonneau cover, air compressor, tailgate, spare tire, and 120-volt outlets.

We finish up with the gear tunnel and a look at the interior storage compartments. The video is long, almost an hour, but it gives Rivian reservation holders and fans an idea of how the company delivers its vehicles, as well as a feature deep dive. I added chapters so viewers can jump to the sections that they prefer to view.

So check out the video and let up know what you think as well as what we missed in the comment section below.

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