When it comes to mid-sized electric SUVs, your options are constantly increasing. On the more premium side of things, BMW now offers the very-capable iX, meanwhile, Audi and Mercedes have both been selling the e-tron and EQC respectively since 2019. 

But which of the German trio is best? Matt from Carwow decided to find out. Taking an e-tron S Sportback, EQC 400 and iX xDrive 50, Matt first drove each at 70 mph to work out the real motorway range. The EQC managed 184 miles at 2.3 mi/kWh, the iX 231 miles at 2.2 mi/kWH and the e-tron 183 miles at 2.1 mi/kWh. He then compared the styling of each, favoring the Audi's looks (but ultimately it's down to personal preference). 

City driving saw the e-tron deliver 2.2 mi/kWh, resulting in a 191-mile theoretical range. The iX delivered 2.3 mi/kWh, meaning a theoretical real-world range of 242 miles. The EQC managed 2.4 mi/kWh equaling a 192 mile theoretical city range. 

Matt then drove each SUV in their respective sport modes around curvy B roads. Doing so in the iX resulted in consumption of 1.5 mi/kWh, meaning range would be just 158 miles. Doing the same in the EQC saw 128 miles of range at 1.6 mi/kWh. Matt felt the Audi held the road well and was the sportiest of the trio. It got 1.7 mi/kWh, meaning a "twisty road range" of 148 miles.

Inside all are rather spacious, with the EQC being slightly cramped in the rear and the iX excellent in every aspect. The e-tron has the biggest boot of the three (615 liters / 27.2 cubic feet). Infotainment and build quality is good on all, as would be expected from luxury German SUVs. The BMW's infotainment is slightly confusing though, and the location of the climate controls on the e-tron could potentially distract the driver from the road. 

Matt concluded the video by doing a 0-60 mph test of each. The 503 bhp e-tron S took 5.3 seconds to reach 60 mph, slightly longer than expected with power dying off rapidly beyond that figure. The EQC took 4.9 seconds to go from 0-60 mph, despite having around 100 bhp less than the e-tron. However, the 523 bhp iX xDrive 50 took just 4.69 seconds to hit 60 mph meanwhile it also had the best braking. 

The winner of the test? Matt reckons it's the iX. He noted it's the best to drive, comfiest and, crucially, has the most range. 

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