So you want it all, you say? You need a vehicle to haul around the family, commute to work, and also load up with everything you need on for a weekend getaway, including the family dog. But you also want one that's ready for full-on track days, and oh yeah, you don't want it burning any of those dead dinosaurs, so it needs to be electric. Well, friends, if a starting price of $133,300 doesn't deter you, your vehicle has arrived. 

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is like the Swiss army knives of electric mobility. It's an efficient daily driver, it's got plenty of interior room to tackle the utility needs of most families, yet, without any modifications, you can still pull out onto a track and the biggest limitation you'll most likely encounter is your own driving skills because the Cross Turismo is track-ready. 

Quick Stats: 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo


Dual Permanent-Magnet Synchronous
Output: 590hp (440kW) W/Overboost & 626 lb-ft Torque
Range: *Estimated ~225 mi EPA 
Battery: 93.4 kWh (total)  83.7 kWh (usable)
Base Price: $133,300

The Sport Turismo is basically a lowered and recalibrated version of the Taycan Cross Turismo. The dimensions are the same but instead of being off-road-ready like the Cross Turismo, the Sport Turismo is track-ready. There are subtle exterior changes but the real difference is in the power and suspension setup, as the Sport Turismo's calibration is 100 percent unique in the Taycan lineup.

Price-wise, the Taycan Sport Turismo ($133,300) falls in between the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo ($110,300) and the Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo ($153,500). The Sport Turismo, as with the new Taycan GTS sedan has a deeper and louder version of Porsche's Electric Sport Sound. As with all Taycan's the artificial sound can be turned off if desired. Porsche claims a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, and after driving it for a day, we believe that might even be a little conservative. 

2022 Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo

Like the Taycan Cross Turismo, the Taycan Sport Turismo comes standard with Porsche's Performance Plus battery pack, which has a total capacity of 93.4 kWh and a usable capacity of 83.7 kWh. The Sport Turismo hasn't been formally EPA range certified yet, but we're expecting its EPA-rated range to be approximately 225 miles per charge.

Taycan Sport Turismo Standard Features:

  • Adaptive Air Suspension with Smart Lift and Porsche Active Suspension Management
  • Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus
  • Sport Chrono Package W/ GT Multifunction Steering Wheel and Mode Dial
  • Stiched GTS lettering in headrests
  • Interior in black Race-Tex material
  • Deeper Porsche Electric Sport Sound

Optionally available performance equipment includes:

  • Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport
  • Rear-Axle Steering
  • 21-inch RS Spyder Design wheels in satin black

The interior may be the nicest version of any Taycan that I've driven The black Race Tex (Alcantara) material is everywhere with red accents and "GTS" stitched into the headrests. The Sport Turismo comes standard with the Sport Chrono package and the multifunction steering wheel. 

Driving the Sport Turismo on the winding mountain roads it was hard to accept that the level of performance and handling was coming from a wagon. Porsche's Active Suspension Management, and height-adjustable air suspension as standard. Our Sport Turismo had the optional rear-axle steering and active anti-roll bars (absolutely worth the price if you're getting the GTS), and leaning into the turns provided nothing but confidence time after time. 

The steering is sharp and precise, offering just the right amount of weight and feedback. The Sport Turismo almost makes carving up winding roads too easy.

Gallery: 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS and GTS Sport Turismo

As for charging, the Taycan GTS Sport Turismo will charge the same as any other Taycan with the Performance Plus 94.3 kWh battery pack. We checked that out during our time with the vehicle as we drove it down to only 8% state of charge and needed to charge up some to make it back to base. 

We plugged into a 350 kW Electrify America DC fast charger and charged from 8% to 80% in only 20 minutes. Porsche states that the Taycan will charge from 5% to 80% in 22.5 minutes, so we actually did a little better than what Porsche promises, and that's always good to see. 

The Porsche Taycan GTS and GTS Sport Turismo will likely be the last new versions of the Taycan we see for a while, as Porsche has now filled out its usual model lineup. There are now ten different Taycans to choose from, with hundreds of different configurations. 

In conclusion, we were impressed with the new no-compromise Sport Turismo. It's large enough to offer the utility that most families need and it charges lightning-fast, making long road trips easy - provided that are high-speed charging stations available. It's also ready for the track on weekends without any modification needed - this is a GTS after all, so chassis tuning, damping, and the suspension are all set up for peak performance right out of the box. The ultimate electric wagon has arrived. 

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