While the Tesla Model 3 is unquestionably one of the best vehicles you can currently buy (electric or otherwise), is it really good enough to woo buyers away from established manufacturers’ ICE offerings? The Audi A5, for instance, is a luxurious, excellently-assembled and tech-packed vehicle that drives well and is relatively good on fuel, so for the average car buyer (who does not want to be an early EV adopter), it may make more sense than a Tesla.

However, RSymons RSEV from the United Kingdom, argues the A5 (which he shows in his video in Sportback diesel guise) is rendered irrelevant by the Tesla’s breadth of talents. This, in spite of the fact that objectively speaking, the oil-burning Audi has plenty of areas where it still trumps the electron-sipping Tesla: build quality, materials quality, ride comfort, driver involvement and the ability to be refueled quicker than the Tesla can be recharged.

However, many car buyers who are not car enthusiasts may be willing to sacrifice some of the items on the above list in order to just drive a Tesla. It is more technologically advanced than the Audi, it’s obviously way cleaner to run (even if you factor in how the electricity that powers it is produced), it’s quicker and it’s a bolder, more left-field buy.

Now I know I’m preaching to the choir here, because if you’re reading this here you appreciate EVs and Tesla and would probably buy it over an Audi, or any ICE alternative, but I have to agree with what is said in the video. 

The Tesla is certainly not better than the Audi in every way, and the Audi definitely has its plus points that some buyers won’t be able to ignore. However, the simple fact that today you can buy an EV that, as a practical proposition, is comparable and even objectively better than an ICE vehicle means we’re living in very interesting times and we’re probably on the verge of a major shift.

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