Conner takes us for a ride in the Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover for the first time, right here on our shores. He's driving a First Edition model, which is equipped with the larger battery pack and rear-wheel drive. It has 77-kWh of usable energy.

Needless to say, Conner is hammering away at content for his new Out of Spec Reviews YouTube channel, in addition to cranking out videos for his other channels and our InsideEVs US YouTube channel. He told us all about the ID.4 recently, but now he's finally able to share his first drive with us.

Volkswagen has had some interesting rules related to the the States. Even though most people have seen the car inside and out due to previous online sharing, Conner wasn't able to show the car's exterior. He also had to wait a while after driving it to actually share the first drive video, though he could talk about the drive ahead of time. At any rate, the time has come to check out Conner's first drive.

With first drives, you can't really get a good idea of the information presented, as well as the car's actually driving dynamics, without watching the video. So, we aren't going to bore you here with an in-depth summary. We will say that Conner is impressed with the ID.4 overall. He comments about the crossover's spaciousness and coddling ride. And, he seems happy with its overall performance.

Kyle goes so far as to say there's really nothing not to like about the ID.4. If you can just get over the "Tesla thing" and the Supercharger network, this electric crossover is a real winner. It's not a performance SUV, and he wishes it was quicker, but it has plenty of torque and it rides and handles well. Check out the video to learn more. Then, leave us a comment below.

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