The Fast Lane Car (TFL) continues with its new focus on electric cars. As you are probably aware, the publication has been on a Tesla Model X and smart fortwo ED (electric drive) kick as of late. This is because they now own both cars, the world's smallest and largest passenger EVs.

It makes perfect sense to see how far a family vehicle like the Model X can travel through the mountains, as well as how much it can tow while doing so. However, taking a wee little city car out of its element and hitting the steep and winding highway seems a bit strange right?

It depends on how you look at it. As we test many electric cars' real-world range as compared to the EPA's estimates, it's interesting to see how all EVs stack up. This gives us a nice baseline of expectations.

TFL's used smart fortwo ED has an EPA-estimated range of just 68 miles, though later models only had 58 miles. The Loveland Trials trip covers a total of 140 miles, but it's full of uphill and downhill sections. You might actually be quite surprised at how far the electric city car makes it before they've got to call it quits.

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