What if you need a really cheap used commuter car, and you're ready to try out an EV? How about an all-electric 2015 smart ForTwo for $7,000? Is it worth it?

If you follow electric cars and InsideEVs, you already know that the guys over at The Fast Lane Car currently have a long-term Tesla Model X. They temporarily had a Model 3, it got damaged almost immediately, underwent a lengthy repair process, and then they traded it in for the Model X, which cost them a whopping $87,000.

Cars approaching a $100,000 price point are definitely for a niche audience. Still, the Model X has sold well for what it is, and Tesla has now reduced its price by $5,000. However, we can't expect people to flock to buy it in the midst of the current global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can pick up a used 2016 Model X starting around $50,000, but that's still not cheap.

Back to the original question above. Our team member Kyle Conner would argue that the electric smart car is definitely worth it. He owns one and adores it. In this video, The Fast Lane Car takes a detailed look at the micro EV. Do they agree with Conner? Should you buy it?

Check out the video for all the interesting details. Then, let us know which cheap used EV you recommend. How about a Chevy Spark EV? Perhaps a Fiat 500e, first-gen Nissan LEAF, or BMW i3? We'd love to read your opinion.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Is This All Electric Smart ForTwo Really WORTH $80,000 LESS Than a Tesla Model X?

( https://www.TFLcar.com ) Our long-term Tesla Model X cost a heart-breaking $87,000 and that may be well outside the budget of most buyers. At $7,000, this electric Smart ForTwo from 2015 looks much more promising as an affordable buy, but is it truly $80,000 less car? Let's take a closer look!


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