How does the upcoming VW ID.3 compare to the world's best-selling electric car, the Tesla Model 3? Let's take a look to find out. It may seem an unlikely matchup, but over in Europe where the ID.3 is expected to be hugely successful, the two cars will surely compete for sales. Is there one clear winner here?

The biggest and most notable difference between the two cars is the body style. The ID.3 is a hatchback, which we consider to be more versatile than the sedan type of body style of the Tesla Model 3.

Beyond that, there's a bit of a size difference. Overall, the Model 3 is the bigger of the two cars. However, the difference is not quite as dramatic as it might seem. In some measured capacities, the ID.3 actually trumps the Model 3, so don't get too caught up in size.

The video provides a look at various topics for comparison, including range, cargo capacity, styling and design, technology, performance and price. We should mention that the Model 3 is offered in several variants at different price points and the video seems to focus on various versions of the Model 3 in a way that makes it seem more likely for it to lose in the categories covered, so keep an eye out for the deception.

We've gathered some screenshots below that show how the two vehicles match up. Take a look:


Surely we all know there's a quicker Model 3 than the one used here in this comparison. Additionally, there's a cheaper version of the Model 3 than the one listed at $48,000 above, but still this video provides us with solid insight into the two electric cars and let's us see how they match up, so give it a watch and, if you happen to live in Europe where the ID.3 will soon become available, then let us know in comments if you either did or are cross-shopping these two EVs.

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Video description via Business Insider on YouTube:

After releasing its line of concept electric vehicles, Volkswagen is finally gearing up to release an all-electric production car, the ID.3. It’s an affordable people's car that resembles the VW Golf. The ID.3’s size and affordability places it in a great position to compete with Tesla’s Model 3. We broke down how the EVs compare, looking at range, performance, styling, technology, and price.

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