Unless your definition of a sports car is a Tesla Model S P100D, then it's quite likely the Tesla Model 3 Performance will smoke it.

Officially listed with a 0 to 60 MPH time of 3.2 seconds, the Model 3 Performance is among the quickest cars ever made. However, as is common with Teslas, it's actually even quicker than that posted figure in tests.

But the Model 3 Performance isn't a one-hit wonder. It handles well, brakes with authority and of course offers a large amount of interior and cargo room. Though not a sports car by definition, the Model 3 Performance outperforms the typical sports cars in almost all aspects.

Find out more on the Model 3 Performance in the video review above.

Video description via Matt Maran Motoring on YouTube:

I finally review a Tesla, the Performance Model 3. The insane acceleration makes for similarly insane reactions, but how does the rest of the Model 3 measure up to other $60,000 cars?

Hear my thoughts in the video and let me know your thoughts below!

Huge thanks to Redline Reviews for providing their Tesla to review!

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