Performance Version Of Tesla Model 3 Caught On Video


Is it AWD or RWD? We’re thinking power goes to all four wheels, but there are still lots of unanswered questions when it comes to the Performance Model 3 or Model 3 P??D.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla says the Performance version of the Model 3 will head into production sometime in the first half of next year, so it would make sense to see the automaker testing an early version of that car on the track.

However, it’s not entirely clear that this car is a Performance 3. Red brake calipers aren’t necessarily a giveaway, but its speed off the line does seem to indicate it’s quicker than others 3s we’ve seen.

Given the way Tesla has been carefully brand managing the Model 3 and Model S inside its lineup, so as to not have the cheaper option outperform the original flavor, we suspect the future performance 3 to likely go from 0 to 60 MPH no more than a second quicker than the currently claimed 5.1-second time for the long-range Model 3 – as the Model S 75D and 100D both had their 0-60 mph times recently improvedย just ahead of the Model 3 launch in July, to 4.2 seconds (from 5.2) and 4.1 seconds (from 4.2) respectively.

Video description (via Model 3 Owners Club):

“A couple of days ago we got a report of a black Model 3 sporting red brake callipers being tested at the track that was noticeably faster than others seen before. Does it have AWD? You be the judge.”

“Now we have video of it!”

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I don’t understand the reasoning why the performance model 3 would not be allowed outperform the entry model S? It is clear it will not outperform the performance model S, agreed.

Because Tesla wants to sell model s today not a faster model 3 9 months from now. Remember wall street is pressuring TESLA to increase profits every quarter.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

Does the highest end Camrao beat the Lowest end Corvette?

Admittedly I don’t know but I think this is a very common scenario.

Camaro is a different class of automobile than a two-seater Corvette, while the M3 is merely a smaller version of the Model S, both being 4 door sedans. Which begs the question – will the Model 3 eat away at Model S sales? Or maybe the real question should be: will the profits gained by Model 3 sales surpass any lost profits from any decline in Model S sales?

Yes, the Camaro has a track focused trim called the ZL1 and is quicker than a regular Vette…Reviewers state it’s pretty brutal as a daily driver…The base ZL1 is roughly $7K more than the base Vette…

This is a very common practice in the auto industry…A BMW M5 is quicker/faster than a BMW M3…

Tesla isn’t like other companies. They over-state ability, and deliver all they can, in at least some version $$. I don’t see that pattern changing with Model 3, regardless of capability. What will slow it down is motor size. What will speed it up is weight. I’d expect dual-259HP (?) motors pushing ~3,900lbs, but we don’t have a spec on the front motor, yet.

Like the P85D, I would guess Tesla will go right up to the battery-limit of Model 3’s 80KWh. Where P85D marginally crosses above 400KW, (80/85)*400 is about 375KW, or 500HP. The lighter car will be more traction-limited, and may not need to spend its potential 500HP, until it gets to 40mph or so. That’s still beneath the rated power of the motors (again, assuming he matches front/back motor size, as was done w/Model S).

The car could rage.

That’s like saying you don’t know why the focus rs is faster than the taurus SHO….

Or… they will bump up the performance figures of the Model S and X because they are going to switch over to the Model III motor. has a commenter analyzing this video and putting the 0-62mph figure at 3.8 seconds(likely a European commenter).

At some point, Tesla may decide to re-engineer the battery packs of the Model S and X to use their newer cells. Regional manufacturing has to be cheaper for them, and I’m sure Panasonic won’t mind freeing up their assembly lines for other auto battery requests.

Once they get the S100D time down into the upper 3s I could also see them at some point dropping the 75 altogether and only offering the S and the Performance S both with whatever pack size that ends up being.

Once they get pack costs down low enough then a ~300+ mile range will just be standard with the starting MSRP being in the 80K range for this base Model S going up from there to the loaded Model S P.

Launched in July and tested in October . so funny .

It’s going to launch earlier than July, right? I guess June is last month to still be first half.

What are you even talking about?

He apparently thinks Tesla hasn’t tested the car until now. Because, you know, that’s what auto makers do; they put a car into production without ever testing it.

performance and AWD has not been launched yet.
Get with it.

No but the performance version will still be beta tested afters it’s launch just like the current model 3 is

No it won’t.

Looks pretty fast, I give it that. Probably will only cost an “affordable” $60-70k minimum. Lol

It will be comparable to the BMW M3 and the Alfa Romao Giulia Quadrifoglio, both of which start in the $65k to $70 range.

Except it will drive nothing like either one of those.

Automotive journalists have already said that it’s superior to the Giulia.

Yeah, maybe it’ll drive better.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

Meh. Don’t need the P, just need the D for AWD.

I thought EM said there would be no “P” model???

He confirmed it will have the Ludacris option…In the past you could buy a S (not sure about the X) that was a “P” but not have Ludacris and even a RWD version…But now the S/X P comes in AWD and Ludacris automatically…

“I thought EM said there would be no ‘P’ model???”

Perhaps, as Bacardi seems to be suggesting, that merely means there will be no “P” on the car’s badge.

It does seem strange to me that Tesla would offer a Ludicrous upgrade, yet no “Performance” trim level. I do understand that Tesla wants to avoid competing with its own Model S, but this seems like a strange and, in my opinion, somewhat self-contradictory decision.

You really are strange sometimes. Yes, a BMW M3 is considerably more expensive than a base 3 series.

That’s nice – and I know they need to keep moving forward – but they really to step up the game on the one they’re building today (make that the *three* they’re building today – heh).

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

So should this model be called the MP3?

Ideally, they WILL produce a decent P version of M3 and offer it to police.
Personally, I think that it makes great sense to have a true P M3 that is much faster than the base MS. Getting it into the 2s really does make sense esp. if they sell to police.

I doubt the Model 3 will be able to pull as many amps to the motors as the S. Even with the lighter weight, I don’t believe it will not out accelerate a ludicrous S.

Man, that is one nice looking automobile! The wheels on that one look slightly larger. I wonder if they’re 20s?

Dont care about any of this stuff going in here….just my P75DL+ now…!!!! Dont care about nothin’ else…

Stage videos much, Tesla?

Seriously, you’re trying to make public relations out to be a negative thing?

Tesla haters are so strange!