Next Generation of Nissan LEAF Visualized

AUG 27 2014 BY JAY COLE 28

The Next Generation Of Nissan LEAF Is Just Two Years Away ... It's Time To Make A Wish List

The Next Generation Of Nissan LEAF Is Just Two Years Away … It’s Time To Make A Wish List – Could The Lannia Concept Forshadow The “Next” LEAF In Waiting?  We Think It Could

Now that the first of the “2nd generation” of plug-in vehicles has been teased recently in the form of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt (debuting in Detroit in January, and arriving showrooms next summer), attention has also moved to what the next mainstream EV will get for a new look – namely the Nissan LEAF.

The Next Generation Of LEAF Will Feature A "Less Is More" Front Headlamp Assembly

The Next Generation Of LEAF Will Feature A “Less Is More” Front Headlamp Assembly

Coming a year later than the Volt, and as a model year 2017, the updated LEAF has been promised to have a couple new changes – more range and a more conservative look that fits with the wider branding.

To that end, the folks over at Auto Express have taken a stab at where they feel the LEAF is heading by designing some exclusive renderings of their own – which you can check out here (opens in new window).

For us, we think Nissan has already let the cat out of the bag to a certain extent with the Lannia Concept  car (above).

The UK outfit has a couple predictions to go along with their renderings, the first we agree with:

“Nissan bosses are promising new battery technology is on the way, with better energy density for a more usable pure electric vehicle. A figure of about 186 miles is likely to be the target. ”  (Editor’s Note:  186 miles on the UK NEDC scale is akin to about 130 miles on the US EPA metric)

And the second we don’t:

“Our images give you a good idea of how it’s shaping up, with bosses keen that the large chrome ‘V’ in the grille and the blacked out pillars become recognisable design features of the next generation of Nissan cars”

Nissan Lannia Concept Hints At Next Gen LEAF?  We Think So

Nissan Lannia Concept Hints At Next Gen LEAF? We Think So

Recognizable design features? Yes.

Huge/fake air intake grille?  No. (as shown here by Auto Express)

Nissan is smart enough to know that this is something that discerning EV drivers (as well as existing LEAF owners) really don’t want.

Truth be told, what appears to have happened here is that Auto Express seems to have lightly redrawn (perhaps inadvertently) the Lannia concept sedan that we first saw in China earlier this year in April –  a car which really is not only great looking product in the flesh, but something we felt at the time does indeed hint strongly to the future look of the 2017 Nissan LEAF.

Here is a look at the Lannia in a promotion video put out by the company from Auto China 2014:

Check out Auto Express’ future vision of the Nissan LEAF here.

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Looks too different compared to the current Nissan Leaf. And a little bit bigger too, right?

Why would an EV driver want a huge grille in the front? It looks like somebody photoshopped the grille for an Altima onto the Leaf picture. I’d vote against it in a heartbeat.

That’s a good point. EVs don’t need grilles, and I bet they cost aerodynamically.

They do, but I doubt that an EV version would have them, anyway. This is a concept vehicle that had an original intent, but could be used for anything.

Yeah… Too much HoneyComb. It’s not small… No, no no. 😉

Fill in the fake grill plastic with flush color matching bodywork, and you end up with a significantly more attractive and aero vehicle. Sometimes less is more.

I’ll be glad if they take a big big bite out of those giant ugly Leaf headlights. 😉

Something more powerful than oneself? Like the great nationalistic furor that is ingrained in the Chinese on a cultural level. No wonder the Japanese used Chinese designers with the rampant anti Japan sentiment currently all the rage. The grill won’t change it is one of the keynote features.

I definitely like the Lannia concept a lot better than the Auto Express rendering. Although, Nissan tends to lose their nerve it seems when it comes to bringing the radical looking concept car to actual production form. The actual Leaf will probably be toned down quite a bit unfortunately.

Difficult to say Leaf, Juke or even Cube aren’t radical designs – all of which went into production.


Grill becomes solid black charge port door.

My design concerns are entirely functional. That being said there are competing functional concerns where art can be inserted into the choice of solution. Like, there’s a space efficiency and aerodynamic trade off. A Cube or xB is great for holding stuff, but a more slooped hatch like the Prius is slipperier. The Lannia makes me worried about space being wasted–less usable.

Have you seen the profile view of the Lannia? It’s quite long, and probably quite roomy inside.

I agree with Anderlan.

While this concept LOOKS good. It is probably short on room on the inside.

Function over form; lose the busy styling in the front…too many gingerbread lines that disturb the aerodynamics. style it more like the VW XL1…i.e., smoother and close up as many holes as you can…don’t create unnecessary whatnots.

Take the existing Leaf, remove those nutty light assembles and flush mount new ones; remove the side view mirrors and install rear and side view cameras. That’s all you need to do.

Not clean looking but better than the current ugly leaf

It’s hard to imagine that Nissan would jump from the current Leaf to a Lannia type style for it’s next EV world car. They have said that they want to dominate the EV space so I’d expect a modified Lannia as a second offering for an Nissan EV model.

The Auto Express gets the “more normal” idea right but really that’s one step too far into normal to almost lose all Nissan identity. Can’t imagine that’s an accurate forecast as well but it’s sized right for a second generation Leaf.

Hoping they’ll show something at an early 2015 auto show to give us an indication where they’re going different than these two models. For the moment I have no problem driving the “ugly” Leaf.

Nose cone!

Stop with all this garbage that disrupts the smooth laminar flow. Ugh.

Looks good to me, but it’s of course based on wild speculation. Still I *hope* it looks something like that.

100% guaranteed fake.

This car has nothing to do with the Leaf.

The Lannia is a concept for an exclusive Chinese market future car.

I love my LEAF… She’s been running perfect for 3.5 years…except the declining battery capacity, however… So, I’m trading it in for a new Tesla. I’m tired of waiting for Nissan to come out with a longer range, faster charging car that meets my needs…


OMG! It looks like a *real* car! So pretty! *wiping off tears*