A Colorado dealership has been getting a lot of attention this week for an amazing lease deal on a 2024 Nissan Leaf S. This $19 a month, $0 down offer is achievable thanks to a mix of discounts including the federal IRA EV tax credit, the Colorado state EV tax credit, the low-MSRP EV tax credit and a $1,000 discount when leasing through the Nissan Motor Acceptance Company LLC (NMAC).

The lease terms are a bit more restrictive than usual with only 24 months and 10,000 miles per year. But these terms have become pretty common in Colorado for low-cost EV leases to meet the minimum requirements for the state credit.

But the combined discounts make the stricter terms worthwhile, with $7,500 from the Federal government, $5,100 from the Colorado credit and an additional $2,500 thanks to the low MSRP of the Leaf. Best of all, each discount is applied at the time of lease. So if you’re looking for a cheap EV in Colorado, this is an amazing value. Still, when it comes to actual monthly costs, $19 a month doesn’t tell the full story. 

For one, this offer is of course only available to Colorado residents. Even then, a combined $1,400 of dealership fees will need to be paid upfront or rolled into the price of the lease. Additional dealer options added to the vehicle will further increase the monthly cost. And of course, you will still need to pay various state and local taxes on the vehicle, which are typically 8-9% combined for the lease payments. So we’ll average taxes to tally around $800, but this can vary depending on the final MSRP of the car and local taxes.

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So over a two year period with $0 down, you’re looking at monthly charges of $19 for the base lease, around $34 in state and local taxes, and $59 in dealer fees, assuming there are no dealer add-ons. In other words, expect an actual monthly payment of over $100 when all is said and done.

Still, these additional cost considerations apply to most advertised lease offers in the United States. Always take the quoted price with a grain of salt. Even at $100 a month, this is a fantastic lease deal for a Nissan Leaf S.

Would you be interested in adding a Leaf to your garage for about $100 a month? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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