Since Tesla fired the entire Supercharger team, EV owners and auto execs alike have worried about how the shakeup will affect the industry-wide rollout of North American Charging Standard (NACS) adapters and access to the Supercharger network. Right now, only Tesla, Ford and Rivian EVs can access America's best fast-charging network. But GM EV owners have nothing to fear. Supercharger access is coming on the original timeline, which means very, very soon.

"We plan to stick to the timeline that we previously announced, and that's kind of all I can say," Sanaz Marbley, director of global strategic technology communications at GM, told InsideEVs

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Everyone's Switching To NACS

Since Ford inked a deal with Tesla back in May 2023, almost every major EV manufacturer has announced an agreement to get its EVs switched over to the North American Charging Standard (NACS), which was created at Tesla. The switchover will give almost every automaker access to Tesla Superchargers, giving consumers the ubiquitous, reliable fast-charging options they've long asked for.

The only question is—with Tesla's Supercharger team gone—will the rollout proceed as scheduled?

I confirmed that the original timeline said that access would open up in spring of 2024.

"I think spring 2024 is accurate," she said. 

Spring ends on June 20. So if GM is going to deliver on that promise—and Marbley seemed plenty confident—that means the Supercharger network should be open to Bolt, Blazer EV, Equinox EV, Silverado EV, Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq within the next three weeks. 

That's fantastic news for the EV community, as cars like the Bolt and Equinox EV are some of the best affordable EVs on the market. Bolts will get a more limited benefit, thanks to their slow overall charging speed, but it'd at least ensure reliable "fast" charging in more locations. For the Equinox EV, access to Superchargers may make what is already a great EV a truly spectacular choice for price-conscious consumers.

GM says they'll have more to share shortly, and we'll give you updates as soon as we can. But for now, we're happy to hear that the insanity at Tesla headquarters isn't stopping the long-needed industry-wide switch to the most reliable fast-charging network in the country.

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