What do you do if you really wanted to ride a motorcycle, but for whatever reason, simply couldn’t? Well, you could get an e-bike, especially one of those punchy e-bikes that sort of look like motorcycles. Indeed, moto-inspired e-bikes like those of Super73 have been around for quite some time now, and it looks like they’re getting more and more popular.

Take, for example, the new Lil’Buddy Edge from German e-bike manufacturer Ruff Cycles. This charming little e-bike is both playful and stylish in that it’s inspired by the street scene as evidenced by its vibrant colors and graffiti-inspired motif. Best of all, it’s priced incredibly affordably at just 1,999 euros, or approximately $2,176 USD. According to Petar “Pero” Desnica, Ruff Cycle’s Managing Director, the company wants to take a step into the entry-level price bracket witht the launch of the Lil’Buddy Edge.

Ruff Cycles’ New Lil’Buddy Edge Is A Charming Moto-Inspired E-Bike

Indeed, we’re all about making the fun of e-biking more accessible to a wider audience, so the Lil’Buddy Edge is surely a welcome addition to the growing selection of e-bikes in the market. Now, the way Ruff Cycles was able to price this new model so competitively was by fitting it with more basic and affordable components. For starters, Ruff Cycles has done away with a fancy mid-drive motor in exchange for a simpler rear hub motor from Bafang. Additionally, the Lil’Buddy Edge does away with any suspension whatsoever, instead relying on its chunky tires and cushy seat to take the edge off uneven terrain.

Commenting on the launch of the new electric bike, Pero Desnica stated the goal was to appeal to a wider audience with an affordable and entry-level e-bike. “In this way, we ensure that we can offer a lifestyle eBike at an attractive price and in top quality in order to give a larger audience the opportunity to have fun with Ruff Cycles e-bikes,” Desnica told German e-bike publication E-Bike News.

Ruff Cycles’ New Lil’Buddy Edge Is A Charming Moto-Inspired E-Bike

When it comes to specific details and performance data, Ruff Cycles has yet to release much info on the new Lil’Buddy Edge. However, given the fact that it’s set to be marketed in the European market, we can assume that it’ll have a nominal power output of 250 watts, and be capable of providing pedal assistance up to about 15 miles per hour. Alongside the electric motor, we can also see that the bike is equipped with a derailleur drivetrain, allowing riders to pedal seamlessly alongside the motor.

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