Electric bicycles of today come in a variety of shapes and sizes. On the one hand, we have traditional e-bikes that take the form of standard bicycles, albeit with a motor strapped on to provide extra assistance. On the other hand, we have e-bikes that take on a life of their own – machines like those of Super73, and the subject of today’s story, Lyric Cycles.

Lyric Cycles is a brand we’ve talked about in the past. Its Graffiti e-bike made headlines thanks to its minimalist, rugged styling that blurred the lines between e-bike and moped. This time around, it’s dialing up the power with the launch of the Graffiti X. The Graffiti X is all about power and off-road fun thanks to a 3,000-watt rear hub motor – 500 watts stronger than its predecessor. Amazingly, the motor’s peak power is set at 7,200 watts – approximately 10 horsepower.

New Graffiti X From Lyric Cycles Goes Big On Power With 3,000W Motor

It’s important to note that there’s a legal limit when it comes to e-bike power outputs in many parts of the world. Over in Europe, e-bike regulations are strict, and mandate a nominal power output of 250 watts. Meanwhile, in the US, e-bikes are limited to 750 watts. That said, Lyric’s Graffiti X offers multiple power modes that allow rid4rs to dial down the power to a nominal 750 watts for street-riding according to US regulations. It goes without saying that riders are discouraged from using the powerful off-road mode on city streets, as it unleashes all 3,000 watts of power and offers a top speed of 45 miles per hour with a twist-throttle.

When it comes to battery tech, Lyric Cycles equips the Graffiti X with a large Samshung 21700 cell 60-volt, 35-amp-hour battery pack. Depending on your ride mode of choice, the battery is good for up to 70 miles of riding on-road, and 40 miles of off-road riding.

New Graffiti X From Lyric Cycles Goes Big On Power With 3,000W Motor

The Graffiti X is built atop a robust aluminum frame, and comes to a stop with front and rear hydraulic brakes from Magura. The bike rolls on 16-inch wheels shod in fat, four-inch-wide tires. For added safety, the bike gets a powerful 6,000-lumen LED light with moto-inspired styling. Completing the comprehensive lighting package are brake lights, tail lights, and even turn signals. There’s even a horn to let other road users and pedestrians know you’re coming through.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Graffiti X commands a fairly attractive price tag of $3,999 USD. For reference, the regular Graffiti retails for $2,999 USD. The bike is expected to hit the market in the spring of 2024, with reservations now open via Lyric Cycles’ official website.

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