Trekking bikes, also known as hybrid bikes, have been around for a long time. Blurring the lines between a mountain bike and a road bike, trekking bikes occupy more of a niche market following the mainstream popularity of gravel bikes. While mountain bikes and gravel bikes cater to more serious, performance-oriented riders, trekking bikes are more for recreation and exploration – but that doesn’t mean that they miss out on fancy, high-end goodies.

A good example of a trekking bike that’s not willing to let go of performance is the new Zing Super Deluxe from German bike specialist Diamant. The Super Deluxe is, as the name suggests, the most super and most deluxe model in Diamant’s Zing model range, a lineup of bikes best known for their ease-of-use and go-anywhere capability. What the Zing Super Deluxe does is shed off some excess fat, prioritizing lightness and a natural pedal feel.

Diamant Zing Super Deluxe Is A Light Trekking E-Bike That Packs A Punch

In order to achieve an impressive weight of under 22 kilos (48.4 pounds), Diamant upgraded the Zing’s components to feature carbon cranks from E*Thirteen, lightweight wheels from Bontrager, and the Bosch Purion 200. Speaking of performance, the bike packs a punch with the MTB-focused Bosch Performance Line CX motor with its 85 Nm of torque and peak output of 600 watts. It’s worth mentioning that the Zing Super Deluxe can be fitted with a secondary battery, in such case, it gains 900 grams (1.9 pounds) of weight.

Diamant Zing Super Deluxe Is A Light Trekking E-Bike That Packs A Punch

As for the bike’s other components, Diamant has fitted it with an SR Suntour Axon 32 Boost Magnesium suspension fork with 40 mm of travel, providing riders with the confidence to venture beyond the beaten path. Riders are also treated to a 12-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a handy MIK-compatible rear cargo rack.

Given the bike’s premium features and upmarket components, the Diamant Zing Super Deluxe carries a price tag starting at 4,409 euros, or about $4,832 USD. This price can, however, quickly climb once fitted with a range of optional extras.

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